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Yiji Mustafa - UAE

Level 3 diploma in business from GLC university Dubai


I am confident with excellent skills in academic, research, Linguistics, Literary Analysis, and article writing on topics over level 3 business course. I hold over 7 years of experience in report writing, data analysis related to business studies level students.

Sub topics covered:

Communication in a business environment, principles of business communication and information, principles of administration, principles of business, managing personal and professional development, etc.

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Yiji Mustafa

Level 3 diploma in business from GLC university Dubai - 1167 Complete Orders

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Business 22nd December 2020

Consumer Behavior Theories

Consumer behavior theory Consumer behavior theories are based on human behavior theories. As we know that no single theory is capable of understanding the psychology of people and their patterns of consumption.Trying to understand what makes them buy is a goal of every business. The only way to create theories and models is by studying the buying patterns of the customers. (more…)

Business 15th December 2020

Competitor Analysis for Business Plan

Competitor Analysis for Business Plan You will always have competition from your opposition companies to run your business. You need to prepare well to know about your competitors. So, let us know about it and get a Competitor Analysis for Business Plan accordingly.(more…)

Business 14th December 2020

Segmentation Variables in Marketing

Segmentation Variables in Marketing There are different types of variables in market segmentation. These bases of marketing segmentation variables permit you to target customers. This segmentation is based on various unique characteristics that create good marketing campaigns. Moreover, it also lets you find various market opportunities.So, let us see how you can influence segmentation variables in marketing. Moreover, you will also get to know everything about market segmentation and its s