5CO03 Professional behaviors and valuing people CIPD Level 5 Module 3 Assignment Sample

In this module, you will explore the relationship between professional behaviors and valuing people. In particular, addressing both unethical practices in business as well as how it is important to have a positive attitude towards others when working with them.

To work effectively, it is essential that we learn how to behave ethically and compassionately in all of our interactions with others. These behaviors promote positive relationships between employees which can help productivity at the workplace by increasing participation from staff members as well burnout levels among managers who are constantly dealing with challenging situations on their own without support or guidance when needed most.

The following information will teach you about developing new professional habits for success within an organization while also touching upon some important topics such as commitment/accountability towards one’s self outside traditional business settings versus being solely committed only toward making money off them.

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CIPD Level 5 Module 3 Assignment Activity 1: Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviours by appraising what it means to be a professional, and how personal and ethical values can be applied, including contributing to discussions with confidence and conviction to influence others.

Professionals work collaboratively to communicate, so they are knowledgeable about the organization’s culture and how it may be demonstrated by them. Professionals respect diverse perspectives, habits of mind, behaviors, views on equalities, and representativeness while keeping in mind that their own loyalties or interests are secondary to the organization’s interests. Professionals use their experience for organizational decisions instead of taking shortcuts. They also diagnose any problem before making recommendations without jumping too many steps ahead prematurely.

Professionals are people who care about their work and who offer a service to society. Professionals meet certain basic standards of knowledge, conduct, and client welfare in the process of practicing their profession or vocation. They adhere to a set of agreed-upon values that have been formulated over time by other professionals in that field. While some may uphold these values more rigorously than others, they all take them seriously. These values include honesty, integrity, objectivity, dignity, and accountability. Some professionals also maintain a code of ethics to which they adhere to while doing their work. Ultimately these codes show what is ethical behavior for the professional in question – it is not always based on national law either.

CIPD Level 5 Module 3 Assignment Activity 2: Champion inclusive and collaborative strategies, arguing the human & business benefits of inclusive behaviours and the right to be fairly treated at work.

Inclusive behavior is not only the right thing to do from a social perspective, but it also has a positive effect on organizational performance. Inclusive language goes a step further by not merely communicating that everyone is included but ensuring that everyone can fully participate in decision-making processes as well as vice versa. A few simple steps can make all employees feel both valued and included. Make sure there are no elements of employment segregation – marketing materials need to be accessible, job descriptions need to be unbiased, etc., All employees should have equal opportunities for all types of training across recruitment, retention, and development programmes. 

Inclusive behaviors and policies emphasize the importance of diversity at all levels and recognize that differences don’t need to hinder productivity if handled appropriately and can even reveal new opportunities for better innovations. By promoting the involvement of diverse groups in decision-making, egalitarianism in workplaces becomes possible, giving everyone a chance to create their own path. “The human brain is wired to find patterns among the things it observes.” When employees are given agency to make decisions about their work, there is more time for them to spend thinking creatively which helps increase innovation.

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Level 5 Module 3 Assignment Activity 3: Design and evaluate solutions aimed at building positive working relationships.

It’s important for people to respect the professional qualities of others, and to not assume that these qualities are in tandem with their personal values. In a perfect world, working with people you know has the same outlook when it comes to ethics and value-setting. Technically you can compromise on some things when it comes to working style or setting, but each scenario will be different so it’s difficult to generalize how best one should proceed.

Finally, a question I can actually answer! Working in a positive environment is going to ensure that your efficiency is increased significantly because there will be less conflict between team members. To create this type of workplace, it’s important for people to exchange vulnerability among team members by encouraging eye contact and mutual accountability for ideas.

Include a section for people professional, with traits that are necessary for the workplace which can be found on career analyst.com. Though these values may not come up in a meeting, they will play a role when spending extra time with a coworker who is going through a family crisis or going to lunch together. Aspects of the “people” professional include hiring decisions and ethical treatment of employees including their need for an environment that recognizes different cultures and individuals. An additional resource to keep in mind would be an Entrepreneur either discussing how to employ members of different companies or highlighting failures from non-ethical treatment.

CIPD Level 5 Module 3 Assignment Activity 4: Demonstrate personal commitment to learning, professional development, and performance improvement by exploring how the role of a people professional is evolving.

Personal commitment to learning and professional development can be demonstrated through exploring how the role of a people professional is evolving. It’s an opportunity for authenticity and safety, with the opportunity to align organizational needs and skills of staff within new realities.

The expectations on workers will continue to increase as automation becomes more commonplace in both technical and manual service jobs. This means that management will require new competencies such as emotional intelligence (EQ), teamwork, leadership ability, problem-solving capability, knowledge of new technologies—and it may require all these things from each staff person… at least some time during their career.

Learning is one of the most important aspects of success. Constantly learning new things, be they skills or industry knowledge, is what will ensure you’re the best at your job and able to perform whenever needed. Professionals that are committed to learning do this for their continued professional development, but also need it in order to increase performance with an evolving role in human resource management. 

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CIPD Level 5 Module 3 Assignment Activity 5: Assess your own strengths, weaknesses, and development areas and formulate a range of CPD activities to support your learning journey.

Formulate a range of CIPD activities to support your learning journey. In this regard, there are a number of online courses and workshops you can sign up for that won’t break the bank. For instance, the Institute of Leadership and Management or The Chartered Institute for IT Learning offer a broad range of training that might go some way to addressing your development areas while filling in the gaps in your thinking skills.

In order to make sure all CIPD needs are met – from improvement opportunities through to fulfillment level check-ups – it is vital all learners understand what they want from their experience before they get started. 

It is important to be realistic and honest about your skills and expertise at present and any you may want to unveil. Be strategic, but also flexible as you take steps towards your goals. Self-reflection is a key first step in formulating a development project or self-evaluation for future cultivation of CIPD activities. In doing so, consider the following as essential considerations: personal competencies, strengths, interests as well as limitations; professional goals aligned with industry initiatives; key success factors which would support career development plans or aspirations within an organization.

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