CIPD 5IHR Assignment Example UAE

CIPD 5IHR Assignment Example UAE

CIPD in 5IHR assignment is the course that provides the means to conduct meaningful research and methods for obtaining fruitful results from the analysis of such research. Research is one of the core areas required in almost every field and to analyze the current market position in UAE, requires comprehensive research methods that enable the economy to grow in the right direction.

For any successful enterprise, it needs to analyze research and frame proper strategies that can influence the market. A strategy could only be implemented successfully if the research behind such a scheme should be conducted properly.

The course discusses CIPD in HR as CIPD is the main professional body that was established intending to provide qualification in the HR department. The CIPD in HR qualification is one of the well-known and recognized professional degrees that provide HR and training specialists across public, private, and charity sectors.

For potential employees, the CIPD qualification and course work as a level of professional ability to develop skills and aptitude.


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CIPD 5IHR Assignment example Activity 1

1. Understand the research process and different research approaches.

The course 5IHR Assignment example educates the students about different research methodologies that can opt to assess the business performance. It identifies those areas in any organization that requires comprehensive research and the role of conducting such research. Different data collection methods help in driving the growth of an organization and the course teaches all such techniques that enable the students to perform the task expeditiously. To scrutinize the functioning of business, it needs to draw a meaningful report that is possible with the help of ethical research.

In the course, we will discuss the discipline of the human resource department and uncover the areas that require examination. The research helps the authorities of an organization to take an adequate decision and enables them to predict the market position. The research shows the credibility in the market and the gravity of change management.

2. be able to conduct a critical review of information sources in an area of HR/business practice and analyze the findings.

The course 5IHR assignment example discusses different information sources that find relevance in the human resource discipline. The Department of Human resources in any organization is one of the key departments that handle the recruitment of employees to evaluate the performance of the organization. This is the reason to review the area of the human resource after an interval is a must and based on research conducted, it bestows positive as well as negative impacts on the organization.

To evaluate the organizational situation requires studying the business practice that has been working for years. The correct research approach can make the organization aware of the upcoming issues and deal with the same with the business sustainability strategies. It is important to meet the present needs without compromising the needs of the future generation.


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CIPD 5IHR Assignment example Activity 2

3. be able to draw meaningful conclusions and evaluate options for change.

The course CIPD Level 5IHR Assignment activity enables the students to formulate fruitful findings from the critical analysis and the research methods conducted during the program. The course develops the aptitude in the learners so that they can procure suggestions that can uplift the business performance. With the passage of time and assessment of the business, it requires opting for change management and the course gives a brief description of the modes of change.

The research can provide support in the development and equip with appropriate advice for amicable decision-making power. To draw a meaningful conclusion, it is required to choose an appropriate research method after identifying the topic. In the course we will discuss gathering the data and which method, techniques and means would be the most appropriate way for information sources in HR or business practice.

CIPD Level 5IHR Assignment Activity 3

4. Know how to deliver clear, business-focused reports on an HR issue.

This course is all about different research approaches and methods. It gives away to utilize such techniques at different phases and stages that result in an effective decision. Every organization needs researchers that accomplish their search about the current position of the organization and with the help of distinct methodologies means productive results can be obtained. There are several research methods that every organization obtains to solve its issues and challenges. Yet, the course stimulates the growth and development of the organization and conducts a critical review in the human resource department. The course develops a report of business performance that analyzes the position and data of stakeholders in the organization.

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