5OS04 People management in an international context CIPD Level 5 Optional Module 4 Assignment Sample

The CIPD Level 5 Assignment Sample test focuses on soft skills, which are the ability to manage people and motivate them. The key challenge faced by organizations today is how best to bring together employees from different countries while still maintaining quality standards for their products or services through innovation – given not only cultural differences between one another but also language barriers when it comes down to making sense of instructions/operations manual(s). 

This requires managers not only to have good communication skills themselves but should empower those around them so they can help bridge any gaps before problems arise.

This module will help you to understand the challenges, considerations, and importance of people’s practice in an international context. You’ll learn about how managing expatriates can have benefits for your company including process implementation strategies that are tailored towards success.

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This course provides both practical pieces of knowledge as well as theoretical understanding of what it means when practicing overseas whether through temporary assignments or permanent relocation This training program focuses specifically on looking into these different areas so learners may better prepare themselves if considering taking up this role within their organizations.

CIPD Level 5 Optional Module 4 Assignment Brief 1: Examine contextual factors in relation to managing people from an international perspective and assess the drivers and benefits of employment in an international context.

One of the most significant drivers of how people work from an international perspective is geographical location. There are pros and cons that lead many companies to operate from only one area, but when they do expand into another region, there are risks associated with cultural misunderstandings and language barriers. In order for firms to grow internationally, fluent English speakers need to be hired in each country they want to enter new markets in order for communications among team members across borders. Obviously, this involves great expense which makes it difficult for all organizations that wish stability on some level or alternatives like technological innovations or outsourcing certain aspects of business operations.

The risk of managing people internationally is higher because it’s not as easy to see their body language and visual cues. 

The text goes on to say that we compensate for this lack of nonverbal communication by listening more carefully and giving more feedback. It says that managers should be careful about accentuating differences in culture, such as those they may not be familiar with. Think about the impact of your decisions before you make them, and never assume anything.

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CIPD Level 5 optional Module 4 Assignment Brief 2: Explain convergent and divergent approaches to policy and practice and learn about the factors relevant in selecting and resourcing, as well as the challenges and cultural differences to consider.

One of the biggest factors in selecting which type of approach to take depends on whether one is working with creative work or compiling factual data. Convergent approaches are often best for creative work where it’s important to mark an author, ensuring that no other input is given and that there are definitive conclusions – while convergent approaches can be less useful for creative work when iterative processes, grappling with multiple viewpoints, and managing ambiguity are essential. On the other hand, divergent approaches are commonly used to compile factual data where different sources need to be evaluated but detailed conclusions will not be delivered at the end whereas they would typically result in creative products emerging from one single source alone.

The conversations between practitioners and researchers in both specialty areas raise the following questions: what are the key factors relevant to selecting and resourcing; what is expected culturally; and how does one integrate different considerations? These three issues result in a range of possible approaches. The divergence (or difference) between these approaches is hence not based on which policy or practice but instead based on their context, despite originating from the same root.

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CIPD Level 5 optional Module 4 Assignment Brief 3: Evaluate the reasons expatriates are used for international working and the formation of appropriate policies and processes for selecting, preparing, and managing overseas repatriation.

Expatriates are an effective way to overcome many of the inherent difficulties in sending one’s own employees to work overseas. Since expatriates offer employers a ready-made package of skills, experience and expertise, they come equipped with comprehensive overseas development packages that include assistance not just with relocation but also accommodation, private schooling for children and help navigating the social customs of their host country. As such, international transfer programs should be coupled with processes that can handle expatriate assignments successfully through appropriate policies and job protocols for assignment management.

The first and most common reason organizations use expatriates is to fill a managerial vacancy that has evolved on an overseas assignment and which cannot be covered by local managers. The second most common reason organizations use expatriates is to create management capacity for new assignments, either as a full-time structural role or as an interim solution until the organization can recruit locally. The third most frequent situation in which people work abroad is where country-specific expertise (such as marketing) needs to be drawn from elsewhere (such as India). While some individuals enjoy living abroad, many people only take the leap of moving away from their home country if they feel they have unique qualifications that will be recognized and rewarded accordingly. 

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