5OS06 Leadership and management development CIPD Level 5 Optional Module 6 Assignment Example

Leadership is an important skill that can make or break a company. If you are looking for ways to improve your leadership skills, then this class might just be what’s needed! We’ll take the time to go over different tools and approaches so students have a better understanding of how they work together with other leaders in order to create cohesive workplaces where everyone feels valued no matter their background–and even if there isn’t any clear hierarchy among employees already at first glance.

This unit provides an in-depth look at the fundamentals of leadership and management, with a focus on how it influences culture. It also explores new tools for developing skills that can impact organizational effectiveness positively or negatively; these include positive practices like providing opportunities to learn from each other as well negative ones such as blaming people instead of taking accountability yourself when something goes wrong without looking into why things happened this way first.

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CIPD Level 5 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 1: Analyze the external factors that drive the need for leadership and management within the organization.

The stages of an organization’s development are largely dependent upon how fast and far-reaching the change in their environment is. Some factors that influence this include competition from other companies, changes driven by market demands or environmental pressures such as economic recessions/depressions which affect consumers’ purchasing power heavily over time periods ranging from years up to decades at a go depending on how severe it might be perceived being, for example, taking place globally rather than just locally, etc., the speed with which technology advances give rise these days too making old ways outmoded before we know what happened but still needs consideration when going about designing something new enough anyway so you don’t get left behind.

CIPD Level 5 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 2: Explain the key differences between leadership and management roles and styles and the implications of each for organizational effectiveness.

 Differences and interchangeability of leadership and management roles to consider aspects of context, power, authority, and control; task vs people perspectives; management as authority and control; leadership as vision and influence; managers and subordinates vs leaders and followers. Styles might include such things as qualities or trait theories, contingency theories, task, transformational vs transactional; situational leadership, inspirational, functional models; scientific management; human relations school; strategic vs operational roles and types of leadership and management, autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire. Employee-centered, production-centered. Servant leadership, authentic leadership.

CIPD Level 5 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 3: Compare the different knowledge, skills, and behaviours required for leadership and management in organizations. 

Leadership is about knowing the right approach for any situation. You need both a “hard” and a softer touch, depending on your audience or what’s going well at home before you go into work.

In this workshop, we will explore how to be more effective in all aspects of leadership by understanding different types of personalities with their corresponding strategies so that our messages resonate stronger across cultures while still meeting high expectations from people within those groups as well-rounded leaders who understand human nature better than anyone else out there today.

CIPD Level 5 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 4: Discuss the role of people professionals in supporting leadership and management development initiatives.

People professionals are the backbone of any company and can play many different roles within an organization. They’re often tasked with helping leaders become better managers or developing their skills to take on new leadership positions in departments where they may not have experienced before; this is called ” organizational development.” People practitioners must also ensure employees receive efficient training so that everyone has what he needs to do his job well.

People’s jobs vary depending upon who employs them – some work exclusively for human resources while others might devote themselves entirely to talent management services like career counseling, but all would benefit from having someone knowledgeable about how best to support Leadership & Management Development initiatives.

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CIPD Level 5 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 5: Evaluate the different concepts and range of approaches that are available for effective leadership and management development. 

Leadership and management is a lifelong journey. It can’t be learned in an afternoon, or even over the course of one’s career; it takes time to develop skills that will allow someone to lead others effectively into new territory with confidence they are supported on every step along the way by those around them (not just at work). This article gives insight into how people learn leadership skills currently used today- informal approaches like shadow boards which offer feedback through conversations about what topics should come up next for discussion as well as peer-based learning where two individuals who share similar responsibilities teach each other things from their perspective rather than memorizing information alone because sometimes being able to describe something better helps us understand fully its importance too.

CIPD Level 5 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 6: Discuss why diversity and inclusion should be an integral component of leadership and management development initiatives.

The D&I ( Diversity and Inclusion ) section of any proposed or ongoing organization should include aspects such as barriers to diversity, areas for attention that relate specifically to the use of language in communications across cultures; technology interoperability issues between groups using different operating systems – like iOS versus Android users; cultural norms about things like dress codes which may differ from culture A but also manifest themselves technologically through typefaces used on webpages without explanation by designers unfamiliar with these particularities.

CIPD Level 5 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 7: Evaluate the indicators of successful leadership and management development initiatives. 

A successful company needs to find a balance between its employees’ fulfillment and the organization’s goals. This requires that they determine what is most important in order for people to effectively learn new skills while maintaining existing ones, like customer satisfaction surveys which can be used as an indicator of how happy customers feel about working with you or whether there have been any significant changes within specific departments within your business recently so we know if something might need some adjustments before it gets out-operated by newer competitors who may already have had greater success than ourselves.

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CIPD Level 5 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 8: Explain the range of stakeholders and the involvement they have in leadership and management development initiatives.

To ensure success, it is important that key stakeholders are involved throughout the process. This includes getting feedback from sponsors for initiatives and individuals who will be participating in them or undergoing training programs as well as ensuring senior leaders have knowledge about what their team members plan on learning during this time period. It’s also vital to involve managers at all levels because without input they may feel like there isn’t enough engagement going forward which could lead towards unnecessary conflict among staff members – ultimately reducing productivity.

CIPD Level 5 Optional Module 6 Assignment Activity 9: Assess the impact and importance that leadership and management development initiatives have on organisational culture, strategy, reputation and performance.

A study was done on how perception affects reality. It’s important when measuring the effect of a change in order to know if positive or negative outcomes will occur from that particular action you’re taking with your company, product line/service offerings, etc. The type and duration for each kind can have an impact in different ways too so it’s best not only to focus just on temporary vs sustained changes but also think about who these types might affect most: individuals (people), groups within organizations-departments or teams working together toward achieving organizational goals as well any customers they may interact with externally via media coverage which could either be good feedback looping back into more sales at higher profits because everyone wins.

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