ACC200 Principles of Financial Accounting Assignment Sample UAE

ACC200 Principles of Financial Accounting Assignment Example UAE

Financial accounting is as important for any business as breadth for any person, as without adequate accounting no enterprise can make profits or growth in the same.

The course ACC200 Principles of Financial Accounting lays down the guidelines, principles, rules, and methods of Accounting that serve ends to the means. To achieve the desired goal, effective financial accounting requires to adhere.

To ensure high-profit margin, accounting plays a major role and the course explains the same. This course explains the market segment and its position at present and evaluates the same.

In this course, ACC200 Principles of Financial Accounting examines the performance of merchandise and the reason for the diminishing growth of the market. There are several reasons due to which market effect and ultimately the economy of the country affects.

This course explains the significance of trading and commerce that include accounting mechanism in it. In this course the main focus on to examine the current position of the United Arab Emirates and its market.


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ACC200 Principles of Financial Accounting Assignment Learning Outcomes

The students holding accounting skills capable to work as professional and in the end, the students learn following outcomes:-

1. Explain the essential component of financial accounting strives rue the growth of the market segments.

The course illustrates integral elements of financial accounting as it is the blueprint of the company’s growth or financial transaction. It is one of the most important streams and branches to run any business. To meet the targets, financial accounting helps to observe the current as well as past transactions.

The course requires encountering the problems in current accounting and solve them expeditiously. The scrutiny of accounting is necessary to meet the desired goals and the course examine the same. The accounting and commerce of each market segment influence the position of the market and the course illustrate all such market segment.

2. How market segments decide the position of the economy and how accounting recognized as an influential factor in the same.

To understand financial accounting, it broadly classified as market segments and study the potential of each market segment. These segments develop to examine the scenario that exists in the market and a process of segregating potential clients into groups, classes, sections, etc.

The segments persuade the economy as it categorized the potential clients that possess high purchasing power and all such factors influence the results of financial accounting of the current market.

The course includes all factors in detail and explains how such aspects create persuasion in the market position.

3. Explain the characteristics of the potential market segment and critically evaluate factors for the same.

Financial accounting has its foundation in the characteristics of the market segment. The characteristics of the potential market segment determined by the age group, demographics, location, style, climate, weather condition, purchasing Power, development, developing or underdeveloped economy, etc.

The course incorporates such facets that make the market highly potential or low. Demographics further subcategories that are determined by the asses, race group, sex, religion, belief, faith, and every such factor determine the potentiality of the market segment. It further helps in the accounting of the market and economy.


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4. How targeting evaluation criteria directly followed market segment.

The potential market segment decides by another factor known to be the targeted audience and the course explains how to target an appropriate audience that creates a potential market.

In this course, the ACC200 Financial Accounting assignment describes the targeting evaluation criteria that will further determine market condition. Targeting evaluation criteria includes the steps to be following to shot more audience in one time and strengthen the accounts of the market.

As accounting is directly proportional to the financial stability of the market and last 5-8 years UAE market is unstable and therefore course plays a significant role.

5. The fundamentals of accounting strive for the growth of the company, elucidate certain fundamentals of financial accounting.

Accounting runs on several distinct fundamentals that involve balance sheet, cash flow, debit-credit transaction, cash flow, liquidity in the market, etc. The course elaborates all such basics concepts in a row that make the comprehensive and bulky.

But the experts in Abu Dhabi University entail proficiency in delivering a session on such an enormous course that intensifies the progress in an overall manner. The course provides means to an end and examines the performance of the market and its classified segment.

To assess the business financial accounting works as a yardstick and furnishes an extensive result that involves from pin to own transaction.

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