FWS 201 Fundamentals of Life Skills Assignment Sample ADU UAE

FWS 201 Fundamentals of Life Skills Assignment Sample ADU UAE

The course offered by Abu Dhabi University is named FWS201 Fundamentals of life skills that prepare the students, as the course is guided by a multidisciplinary approach. The most important aspect for human beings is their life and to handle every situation of life with a calm mind and systematically, the course appears to be significant.

It is important to note the fundamentals of life skills as it helps to deal with numerous challenges that come across in the way of their dream. It aims at serving from multidisciplinary regions such as education, charity, health, company sector, forms, women and child development, funds, ngo, etc.

The course offers an across-the-board solution and any student can undertake this course as it assists every person and educates about life skills. The course delivers teachings that strive to face problems irrespective of their nature. The course makes the person capable enough that it can easily rectify any tough situation.


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The conflicted situation often causes severe issues in the way to pertain professional career. And to fly in your journey, you need to make decisions that don’t prove to be dangerous in the future and it could only be possible with the help of this course. With the help of this course, a person obtains the skills in respect of physiological, cognitive, and certain other life skills that furnish well-being.

FWS 201 Fundamentals of Life Skills Course Learning Outcomes

The course gives an enormous research-based method because of which, at the end student will be able to learn the following outcome:-

1. What are the fundamentals of life skills that will be taught in this course by the experts of Abu Dhabi University.

The course explains the meaning of fundamental life skills and every such skill that is required to live the most out of life Is being described by the experts of the Abu Dhabi University.

It is one such course that plays an indispensable role to live a life and pursue a career with a high rate of growth. As in every profession, the most important aspect is that how a person handles the situation that comes across in its journey.

Yet, the course FWS201 Fundamental of life skills elucidate the same and makes the person capable enough to face every such challenge.

2.Fundamentals of life skills give an extensive lookout to the professionals to deal with severe issues. How far this course is important for every student to learn.

Every skill that is productive or proves to be fruitful in life is fundamentals of life skills and this course gives a brief overview of all such major life skills. The term life skills are so broad that it can not be understood in definite terms and need to discern the same with a capacity of exhaustion in it.

Every person has the potential to deal with the situation but this course guides the person to choose the most appropriate way to handle it and cite certain fundamentals of it.


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3.The course makes the students emotionally, physically, and socially so strong that no hurdles can restrict them to fly.

This course is designed to bestow comprehensive information and knowledge for life skills and gives the means to develop other skills as well. Certain major life skills guided the decisions but such skills can vary as per the circumstances, religion, age, location, belief, etc.

The course FWS 201 Fundamental of life skills gives an introduction to skills that require understanding the problems and encounter them with an adequate solution. The course prepares the students to think critically, logically, and analytically which makes every situation quite simple to deal with.

Broadly speaking, the course offers decision-making and problem-solving skills that make every situation easy to handle.

4.Explain the impact of this course in the life of the person as to its career as well as its social life.

The course gives an expeditious result in the life of the person as in its professional as well as social life. The fundamental life skills include communication and interpersonal skills that are one of the major skills that provide support in every decision of life professionally as well as socially.

Every skill has its impact but it might be possible that every such skill is used differently as per the situation and circumstances.


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5.Fundamental life skills include the ability to fight with intrapersonal conflicts, interpersonal, and other life skills. Explain what are such life skills that use to handle the same.

The course FWS201 Fundamental of life skills aims to facilitate those skills that share the personality of the person. The course also talks about certain personal skills that require to maintain the intellect and work in an organized manner.

The course FWS201 Fundamental of life skills strengthen the skills that every person in-built within it such as self-control, empathy, communication skills, assertiveness, writing skills, etc.

The course educates the person about anger and stress management, interpersonal skills, conflicts, etc, and helps the person to manage several issues together.

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