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Principle of Management

Principle of management applies to all types of companies. Students pursuing an MBA or another management course should be aware of the principles of management. MBA students are given with a number of assignment during the course. If you have issues in completing any of assignment then you can take management assignment help from our professionals. Below is a sample in which school or college can utilize for writing an essay on principles of management. You can use this sample for writing both long and short essay on a specific topic.

Meaning of management

Management is a process which includes planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling an organization for achieving desired objectives. Management is important for any enterprise who intends to become efficient and want to accomplish the aim.

Nature of principle of management

Management can be considered to be as both art and science. The principles of management have been developed on the basis of the experiences of happenings for the past and observations of facts. Nature of principle of management includes following elements these are:

  • Universality
  • Evolutionary
  • Flexibility
  • Intends to influence human behaviour
  • Limited Application

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Need for the principle of management

Principles of management are broad but basic guidelines for managerial decision making. It also guides the behaviour of employees in the workplace. Principle of management is needed for the following reasons:

  • To increase Efficiency
  • For highlighting the role of management
  • To aid in the training of managers
  • Making sure a continuous supply of products and services.
  • For accomplishing social objectives.

Fayol’s principle of management

Application of principle of management will help the organisation in accomplishing success. The 14 principles of management proposed by Henry Fasyol are given below:

· Division of work

This principle of management states that the manager should divide the big and complex task into smaller division. It is the strategy which will help in making the `task easier. Division of work tactics will assist in increasing output and efficiency.

· Parity of authority and responsibility

Authority means a superior person has the power to delegate their duties or responsibility to a subordinate. In other words, the subordinate has right to get work done from subordinate by giving an order or through the implementation of strategic decision.

. Discipline as a principle of management

It is basic obedience, an outward mark of respect and observance of established rules and regulations. Discipline is very much essential for the smooth running of the organization.

· Unit of the command

One boss should give order or instruction to workers.  If an employee receives instructions from more than one superior, it would lead to

(I) Confusion and conflict

(ii) Overlapping of orders and duplication of work.

· Unity of direction

It means a single unit and one plan.  According to this principle, every group of activity with similar objectives must have a single head and one plan. This will allow the effective coordination of individual efforts and energies.

· Subordination of individual to general Interest

This principle of management states that the interest of one employee or a group of employees should not prevail over the common interest of the organization. In order to achieve the supremacy of common goals, the management should set a good example

· Fair remuneration to workers

The remuneration paid to the personnel of the firm should be fair, proper and satisfactory. Wages of workers should be determined on the basis of work assigned, loss of timing, the financial position of the business and average wage rates prevailing in the industry.

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· Centralization and decentralization

It is a management principle which states that there should be a proper and effective adjustment between centralization and decentralization in order to achieve maximum results.

· Scalar chain

This principle of management states that the superior- subordinates relationship and the authority of superior in relation to the subordinates at various levels.

· Order

As per this principle of management, there should be a material and social order in an organization. These principles state that there is a great requirement for scientific selection of competent personnel and the correct assignment of duties to personnel.

· Equity

This principle of management states that the same treatment should be given to employees working in a similar position. It implies fair dealings, equality of treatment and an accommodating attitude amongst the personnel in the undertaking.

·  Stability of tenure of personnel

According to this management principle, all employees in a company should be provided with sufficient time for acquiring competency to execute the task in an efficient manner. This principle also states that workers should not move from their position frequently.

· Qualitative

All workers in an organization should be allowed to think independently. Management should encourage workers to share their ideas, views and opinions.

· Spirit de corps

According to this management principle union is strength.  The management should build team spirit amongst the employees. Harmony and co-operation amongst the employees have great importance in every organization

You should include all 14 principles along with their explanation in your essay. In case you face difficulty in understanding the principle then you can take professional help.

Importance of principle of management

Principle of management has great importance as it helps the organisation in achieving success. Other importance of the principle of management are:

· It provides a manager with useful insight into the reality

Principle of management provides the manager with valuable insight into situations in real life. Adherence to these policies will supplement their education, capability and perception of managerial conditions and circumstances. It is the principle of management which assists managers in making accurate decisions. Principles of management also support manager in tackling the diverse issues.

· Proper utilization of resources and efficient management

Resources are always scarce both material and human resources are obtainable. By the best utilization, the resources must be put to utilization in such a way that they should give the most profit with minimum cost. Principles provide the managers to predict and influence relationships of their choices and activities.

· Scientific decisions

Application of the principle of management assists the manager in becoming more realistic. The decisions taken on the basis of principles of management are subject to evaluation and objective assessment.

· Dealing with continuously changing business environment

Although the principles are in the nature of general guidelines they help managers to meet the changing requirements of the environment.

For instance, with the continuous increase in online selling, offline vendors have also decided to sell their goods using an online platform.

· Fulfilling social responsibility

It is true that the principles of management assist in accomplishing objectives in an effective and efficient manner. But at the same time, it also provides managers with guidance related to fulfilment of their commitment towards employees and society.

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