UAE Education Past & Present Essay

Education in the UAE past and present 

In this essay paragraph, we will discuss the past and present education systems in UAE and differentiate between past and present education in UAE.

From rustic schools with minimum infrastructure to technologically advanced classrooms fitted with smart boards, the education landscape in the UAE has come a long way. Educational institutions in the UAE are not at all like how grandpa describes them. Since the 90s, educational institutions in the country have evolved to suit the needs of a highly competitive job market. From the late 70s to the late 80s, students who attended single-story schools in Dubai had nothing but books and inspiration from their teachers.

With sprawling school and university campuses, new courses and regulations, an increased focus on technology, and a greater focus on student well-being, growth in the education sector has matched the rapid pace of the UAE’s development. Despite rapid events, there also continue to be several challenges in the industry, including high costs, and the actual task of instilling the joy of learning in children.

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Importance of Education in UAE

Education is the constitutional right of every citizen. The UAE Government recognizes the role of education in building a knowledge-driven economy for the post-oil era. Ministry of Education developed Education 2020 strategy to develop a first-rate education system. Article 17 of the UAE’s Constitution stresses the fundamental role of education in the progress of society and makes education compulsory at primary stages. Ensuring that all girls and boys complete free, equitable, and quality primary and secondary education, the constitution makes education free of charge at all stages for citizens throughout the UAE. It also maintains that the government should set necessary schemes for spreading education and eliminating illiteracy.

Education in the past in UAE

Firstly, it was about Koranic schools, then it became to scientific seminars, after that comes the Semi-Formal, and finally the Modern education.

Life previously was very hard, and that reflected in learning. You should walk for 2 or 3 kilos on foot to go to school while you are hanging your tools. The class was about a tent, sitting on the ground, writing with a feather on a sheet of leather, and listening for your teacher.

At the beginning of the revolution in the education sector, the government founded the United Arab Emirates University in Abu Dhabi. At the same time, the government established a ministry dedicated to education. The event marked the beginning of the provision of high-quality education to the citizens of the country. The University of the United Arab Emirates, which was the first institution of higher learning, was founded in 1977.

In the UAE, the level of illiteracy among adults is below ten percent of the population. Throughout the 1990s, the UAE established adult education centers throughout the country to eradicate poverty. Special attention is directed towards adult illiterate women and children with special needs.

When Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan ascended to power in 1971, he set on modernizing the newly formed federation. Among his agendas was the provision of education for all. Despite his Islamic background, the prince had a moderate and rational approach. He endeavored to provide education for both women and men and instituted true liberalism. A formal system of education facilitated the country’s education system transformation into a remarkable internationally acknowledged institution.

Present education in the UAE

Over the years, the government has continued to launch initiatives benefitting students. When His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched a free educational platform for 50 million students around the Arab world at the World Government Summit in 2017. Providing high-quality education in science and math to all Arab students is integral to rebooting our civilizational development. E-learning is the fastest way to bridge the educational gap in the Arab world. Now life is easy. One can go to school by bus or your car. Everyone has a special school uniform. Students get information from the internet or the school library. Teachers have many ways to explain the lesson. 

Moreover, The UAE’s Ministry of Education (MoE) has developed an Education 2020 strategy, which is a series of ambitious five-year plans designed to bring significant qualitative improvement in the education system, especially in the way teachers teach and students learn. Smart learning programs, new teachers’ codes, licensing and evaluation methods, and curriculum revision, including teaching math and science through English, are all part of the strategy.

Challenges in education in UAE

By 2020, enrolment increases and continuous quality improvement are expected in the K-12 level, although UAE is still behind Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) averages and its own National Agenda Target in international assessment results.

Despite the far-sighted approach to education, schools, students and parents also face several challenges in the UAE. The biggest challenge is creating emotional skills and connectivity with the students. EQ skills need to be developed and worked upon constantly. Critical challenges for educators are to help children find their passion and instill a joy of learning for its own sake. Implementing learning opportunities that engage and inspire students, dealing with the diverse nature of the classroom. Ensuring that every child is included and has a voice, integrating the richness they bring is challenging and complex. Besides, High costs of education remain a challenge for students and parents both at the school and higher education level.

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