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Are you looking for BTEC Assignment Help? There are many students in the United Arab Emirates studying various courses under the qualification of BTECE and Edexcel needs help in their assignments. Most of them study courses of HNC and HND.

The students who are studying courses from these qualifications need BTEC assignment help to excel in their studies. So, we offer every valuable help to solve your BTEC, Edexcel, HNC, and HND assignments.  We offer assignment writing services from experienced prolific assignment writers at Our team of skilled assignment writers can write your assignments with a balanced level of perfectionism. They can efficiently handle BTEC assignments from various niches and subjects, including applied sciences, IT, and many more courses.

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Introduction of BTEC Qualification in UAE

There are many schools in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that offer BTEC qualification courses. These schools offer BTEC qualifications in sectors of Business, Sports &Performing Arts, and Art & Design.

Here is the list of UAE schools offering BTEC qualifications in various study programs. These are:

  • Al Yasmina Academy, Abu Dhabi
  • British School Al Khubairat, Abu Dhabi
  • Arcadia School, Dubai
  • Dubai British School, Dubai
  • Dubai International Academy, Dubai
  • GEMS FirstPoint School, Dubai
  • The Winchester School, Dubai
  • Uptown School, Dubai
  • Sunmarke School, Dubai
  • Sheffield Private School, Dubai

Brief Description of BTEC Qualification, Edexcel, HNC & HND

Now, let us check about a brief description of BTEC qualification, Edexcel, HNC & HND. These are as follows:


  • BTEC is better known as the Business and Technology Education Council. It offers specialized work-related or profession-based qualifications. BTEC provides secondary school leaving and further education qualifications in UAE, Wales, England, and Northern Ireland. There are over 2,000 BTEC vocational qualifications across 16 sectors of study. These qualifications are available from entry-level to professional level 7 studies.
  • BTECs are best suited for those students who are interested in a particular vocational study. However, there are not sure about the type of jobs they like to choose. You can gain BTECs in 16 sectors of studies. This includes Art & Design, Applied Science, Childcare, Business, Engineering, Construction, Media, Hospitality, Health & Social Care, Sports, Travel & Tourism, Public Services, Performing Arts, Land- Based, and ICT.

BTEC Qualification Levels

BTEC qualification in these sectors of studies is divided into 3 crucial levels. These are :

  • BTECS Firsts: This level offers introductory study levels in various vocational sectors. It includes entry-level to level 2 qualifications. These courses also permit you to go for further jobs, apprenticeships, or further higher education.
  • BTEC Nationals: This is a level 3 vocational study in various sectors. Most of the study sectors are accepted by UAE universities, colleges, and prospective employers.
  • BTEC Apprenticeships: Here, you need to work as an apprentice in more than 25 sectors of job areas. The level of the study starts from level 2 to level 5.

2. Edexcel

Edexcel is a British-based multinational education and examination board. It is privately held and is also known as the Pearson Edexcel. This examination and education board manages school examinations. It also offers regional and international qualification to those schools in the UK and abroad which are under the British Curriculum.

One of the incorporated examination boards – The business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) is also a part of Edexcel.

3. HND & HNC

UAE students who are really not interested to spend 3  to 4 years of full-time degree courses can opt for HND and HNC courses. These are undergraduate diploma courses that take less time to study. Moreover, it opens great career opportunities for the students.

  • A Higher National Diploma (HND) is a professional or a career-oriented diploma course provided by the higher and further education colleges in UAE. The full-time HND course duration is generally 2 years to 4 years.
  • A Higher National Certificate (HNC) is a certificate course. If you opt for a full-time course, it takes 1 year to complete. However, if you opt for part-time HNC courses it takes 2 years to complete.

Therefore, HND and HNC courses are equivalent to completing first-year university degree courses. Some of the popular HND and HNC courses are Accounting, Business & Finance, Photography, Construction, Engineering, Management, Graphic Design, and many more work-related courses.

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BTEC Assignment Help Services on Various Courses

All the students who are pursuing various qualifications under BTEC, Edexcel, HND, AND HNC courses get a lot of problems in solving assignments. Moreover, these courses are quite tough. So,  students can ask us for assignment help.

Our team of assignment writers can solve assignments from certain topics such as –

  • Fundamentals of Engineering Drawings
  • Construction and Civil Engineering Technology
  • Construction Project Scheduling
  • Post Contract Administration
  • Group Project (Pearson- set)
  • Highway Engineering
  • Building Services in large buildings

This is just a list where our writers offer various types of assignment help. In addition to this, there are other BTEC, Edexcel, HND/HNC topic areas that our assignment writers provide help.

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Features of BTEC Assignment Help Services

If you hire UAE university assignment helpers through BTEC assignment help, you will get the following featured assignment writing services. This includes-

  • Plagiarism- free assignment writing along with Turnitin report.
  • Prompt in delivering assignments within the deadline.
  • Complimentary services of editing, proofreading, and formatting.
  • Assignment writing only by subject experts.


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