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High Stakes Exam Help For UAE Students

The ongoing COVID- 19 pandemic has put all-important official events to a standstill. All the important exams are also canceling for maintaining social distancing in this COVID- 19 pandemic.

This is also applicable in high-stakes exam guidance in the United Arab Emirates, and the rest of the world. All the universities and testing centers are working hard to maintain government protocols regarding the further spread of coronavirus.

One of the protocols is avoiding large gatherings during examinations. They are deciding whether or not to conduct, and manage high-stakes examinations.

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Introduction to High Stake Exams

High Stakes exams are those exams that are meant to take high–stakes decisions. This includes selecting or promoting students for the next level of education.

It also includes certifying the student’s knowledge and skills to the highest level by offering them degrees. All these things are very important for entering the workforce and building their careers.

The results of these high-stakes examinations create a deep impact on the lives and the future of the students or candidates. High Stakes examinations are properly planned and managed by developing equal access to educational opportunities for students.  In the same manner, the students’ selection process and their certification have higher transparency in high-stakes examinations.

High Stake Examination During COVID Pandemic

Before the COVID pandemic, high-stakes exams are managed in person, and in paper format. Here, students and exam monitors were physically present together in the exam center.

However, during this COVID pandemic, the UAE government and exam testing body are evaluating the level to which the in-person high stakes exams is made feasible. This is for the concern of the health and safety of the students and the exam monitors.

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A lot of money is spent on online learning of course content in the past few months. So, now the UAE government and testing officials are focusing to manage high-stakes exams by allowing students to give the exam from their homes. This is proposed because students can give exams without taking risk of getting exposed to coronavirus.

Home-Based High-Stake Exams in UAE & Other Part of World

Some UAE testing organizations conducting high stakes exams are introducing home-based online exams of high stakes tests. As a precautionary measure against COVID, Saudi Arabia is implementing high-stakes exams online. This includes giving tests like Standard Achievement Admission Test (SAAT) online for the first time.

This is managed by using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Similarly, other countries like the United States of America is also doing home-based online tests for various university admission tests. This includes giving tests online like Graduate Records Examination (GRE), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), etc.


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5 Factors to Consider Before Moving High Stake Exams Online

There are many factors to keep in mind while conducting and managing home-based online high-stakes exams. These factors are very important to maintain proper management while conducting online high-stakes exams at home.

Many developing countries especially countries from the middle east need to consider these factors. This is because they need significant financial resources to meet the conditions of these factors.

Let us discuss the 5 factors to consider before going for online high stakes exams. These are:

Full Access to Exam Friendly Surroundings, Internet, and Computing Device: Most of the students in developing countries and developed countries do not have adequate access to internet connection nor computers and laptops. Some students also live in space-crunching homes, and that is not appropriate for taking the exam at home.  Thus, to address these issues government and testing organizations are providing facilities of laptop donation drives or lending laptops. They also made the availability of public hotspot internets for the test-takers.

Solving Exam Software Issues: Sometimes exam software issues may occur. So, the dedication of time and effort is a must to fix exam-taking software, test the software for troubleshooting, etc. Moreover, there should be an arrangement of technical help during online tests.

Remote Proctoring Issues & Monitoring Students’ Conduct During Exam Remote proctoring or remote monitoring of students is a concern for both the government and test managers.  Online automated proctoring software in the absence of exam proctors will work well in this factor. Moreover, there should be digital assistance to see the students and monitor their conduct during the examination. It is also important to take into notice that remote proctoring software must be used fairly for students’ regarding data sharing and concealing private information.

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Changes in Exam Delivery Format

Earlier administering exams were in paper format. So, it is not simple to put the current high-stakes exam in an online format. There are certain aspects to consider in the process of online exams. When there is a change from paper to online format, things must be channeled, estimated, and accustomed systematically. This is to meet the exam content as per the levels of psychometric standards.

Ensuring Use of Student Friendly Technologies

In online high-stakes examinations, students need to be aware of using the testing software tools. So, there should be rules to have a demonstration to the students regarding the use of testing software. In countries like UAE, there is a resource to make sure that students can use the exam software. The assistive technologies help the students to use these exams taking software. Here, live professionals also support the students in reading the questions and recording their answers.


It is certain that the challenges facing by the online high-stakes exam administration are not a simple thing. There are more challenges that are still getting to be identifying. Moreover, testing organizations are also finding solutions for evaluating what candidates are aware of, and what they can do. Whatever solution they find, the result should be valid, fair, and reliable. All these significant changes in giving online high stakes exams are likely to provide a great impact on students’ life.

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