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GM701: Critically Review And Analyze The Importance Of HRM: International Human Resource Management Assignment, UAEU, UAE

University United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)
Subject GM701: International Human Resource Management

Learning Outcomes

LO1.Critically review and analyze the importance of HRM and its practices in an organization, and how it can be linked with organizational behavior activities in overcoming business issues and challenges for a better performance of the organization.

LO2. Critically review and analyze the framework of leadership and consider the nature, strengths, and weaknesses of the various approaches: traits; functional; behavioral; style; contingency. The continuum of leadership behavior should be explored in some depth with consideration of the factors determining the chosen leadership style.

LO3. Discuss the concept of organizational behavior and its interface with management.

Review and critically synthesize the various influences on behavior in organizations and the interface with management in integrating and balancing these.

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LO4. Assess the role of IHRM and its impact on global organizations. Identify some of the key HRM challenges facing organizations working internationally. Discuss the prevalent HRM practices and integrating the best practices in a global organization.

Case study:- Electric carmaker Tesla to build a factory in Shanghai

 Electric carmaker Tesla has signed an agreement with Chinese authorities to build a factory in Shanghai. As the Vice-President of Human Resources, the Board has informed you of their internationalization strategy. Furthermore, the Board has decided that all the functional heads such as the Marketing or Finance head for the Chinese operations will be senior managers from the US, who will be expatriated to China to set up the operations. The rest of the staff for the Chinese operations would be the locals.  You, along with the other senior managers have been asked to strategize for the multinational nature of your organization.

You have been given two weeks to study the various HR-related aspects and submit a report that is likely to influence Tesla’s HR strategies in the Chinese market.

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