MIST 215 Computer Application in Business Assignment Sample UAEU

MIST 215 Computer Application in Business Assignment Sample UAEU, UAE

This assignment sample is a free solution to an assignment on computer application in business under the course MIST 215.

Information Technology (IT) and information systems (IS) are becoming core elements of any business. This course is directly concerned with the role of computers in business systems and different business functions. It takes a structured view of managerial decision-making. Everyday examples of finance, marketing, supply chain management, and logistics, and human resource management and development are studied using hands-on and learn-by-example model development.

The emphasis of this course is the practical implementation of the real-world model rather than the traditional theoretical approach. This course helps students to put theoretical concepts into practical applications. It focuses on the ingredients of student knowledge necessary for success in business administration and to cope with the challenges inherent in the implementation of rapidly advanced information technologies and systems.

The course’s active learning approach encourages the student to focus on developing skills in “how” to build a model while summarizing the mathematical logic as to “why” the model is constructed. Microsoft Excel and Access are the main tools used in this course. The prerequisite of this course is MIST200 with a minimum grade of D.


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MIST 215 Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students will be able to :

1.Develop Skills In How To Build A Model And Why It Is Constructed.

 The course prepares graduate students, new researchers, and even seasoned investigators to develop their theories and build on existing ones. Concrete strategies are provided to help readers generate ideas, define constructs, and think through relationships and processes that link constructs. Compelling examples from multiple disciplines illustrate the use of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods orientations to theory construction. The course curriculum also offers practical advice for writing effectively about theories in papers and grant applications. Readers learn by doing via application and concept exercises, demonstration boxes, and practical guidelines.

2.Discuss The Role Of Computers In Business Systems And Different Business Functions

Computers have become essential business tools. They are used in every aspect of a company’s operations, including product creation, marketing, accounting, and administration. Business owners must take the time to choose the right computers, software, and peripherals for their organization. Given the diversity of modern technology, from smartphones and tablets to large desktop systems, the choice of the best tech for your business can be daunting.

3.Employ Conventional Business Applications Software Used In The Practical World.

There are many different types of business software. Deciding which one is best for your business is not always easy and will often depend on:

  • the size of your business
  • the particular needs of your business
  • the tasks that need to be automated

Common types of business software

Common types of software used in business are:

  • word processing programs
  • accounts software
  • billing software
  • payroll software
  • database software
  • asset management software
  • desktop publishing programs


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4.Identify A Structured View Of Managerial Decision Making.

Sometimes managers are asked to make decisions that go beyond just upsetting someone—they may be asked to make decisions in which harm could be caused to others. These decisions have ethical or moral implications. Ethics and morals refer to our beliefs about what is right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, virtuous vs. corrupt. Implicitly, ethics and morals relate to our interactions with and impact on others—if we never had to interact with another creature, we would not have to think about how our behaviors affected other individuals or groups. All managers, however, make decisions that impact others. It is therefore important to be mindful about whether our decisions have a positive or a negative impact.

5.Illustrate How To Put Theoretical Concepts Into Practical Applications.

The first thing to state is we should not worry too much about using every theory. Contrary to what the rest of the volume might have led you to be concerned about, teachers do not spend all day every day being minutely concerned about paradigms of learning, about the precise differences between Montessori and Waldorf/Steiner schools and the like. Everyday concerns tend to the practical, the realistic, and the immediate. That is not to say that learning theories do not have their part to play; they do, but they need to be framed within the daily considerations and working practices of the teacher. 

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