BUS4001: Choose An Organization With Which You Are Familiar: Understanding The Business Environment Assignment, AU, UAE

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BUS4001: Choose An Organization With Which You Are Familiar: Understanding The Business Environment Assignment, AU, UAE

SubjectBUS4001: Understanding The Business Environment
Assignment Task
Choose an organization with which you are familiar, either the one where you currently work, a previous employer, or one for which you have access to the required information. You should use this organization as your example when one is required.

Task One:
Business organizations can be classified according to many types of criteria.

Provide an introduction to an organization with which you are familiar, identifying the legal structure (public company, private company, voluntary, charity, public sector, etc.) along with an outline of the operations/purpose of your organization and its main objectives.

Identify and explain the market structure under which the organisation operates, including a discussion of how the market structure affects the behavior of the organisation is looking to achieve competitive advantage.

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Task Two:
Define the following terms: ‘stakeholder’; ‘shareholder’ and ‘stakeholder analysis’. Using a named real company of your choice, demonstrate how you would apply the stakeholder analysis process to identify the company’s stakeholder groups and evaluate their needs and influence.

Task Three:
This Task requires you to research the organization highlighted and then undertake a business environment analysis using appropriate business analysis tools/frameworks to identify critical issues facing the organization both in the domestic and international market environments.
a) Discuss three reasons why it is imperative for your selected organisation to analyze the business environment it faces. Using the PESTEL framework, identify and explain at least five (5) important macro-environmental influences currently affecting your chosen organization.
b) Explain the importance of Porter’s Five (5)-Forces model. Using the Five-Forces model, examine the current behavior of the selected organisation and explain what you believe to be the five (5) most critical influences arising from the competitive market environments, both nationally and internationally.
Coca Cola: https://www.coca-colacompany.com/packages/company-reports

Task Four:
Referring to the Key Performance Indicators in the annual report of the organization in Task 3, evaluate the development of the business with reference to short-term and long-term performance. In your own assessment, do you believe current growth reporting practice is balanced in terms of financial and non-financial measures of performance? Justify your answer and provide recommendations for improvement.

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