Discuss the impact of business analytics on supply chain performance: Business, Report, UAE

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Discuss the impact of business analytics on supply chain performance: Business, Report, UAE

SubjectBusiness Report

Outline and Requirements

Students will choose among the following topics:

1. Discuss the impact of business analytics on supply chain performance. Select a specific industrial sector and provide with case evidence on change/improvements on performance and cost/benefit perspectives

2. "Data analytics have a crucial role to play in helping cities become zero-carbon, improve urban mobility, and better manage their infrastructure in a secure, sustainable and cost-effective manner". Classify and evaluate city logistics case studies within the context of the above argument. Refer to the impact that data analytics have on city sustainability (environmental, social, and economic) and how this impact has been addressed by either public or private initiatives (e.g. public policies, smart city technologies, public-private partnerships, etc).

3. Evaluate the impact of mergers and acquisitions events on the operations and SCM performance of merged organizations. Discuss the dimensions of operational (non-financial) and sustainability performances.

4. Discuss supply chain and logistics drivers and barriers for achieving food security in the UAE. Include in your discussion both, or one of the two main types of food supply chains; locally produced and/or imported. Refer to issues such as post-harvest treatment and logistics handling of products, food loss and food waste, traceability, distribution network design, etc.

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Discuss one of the topics above, through a critical review of academic literature. The report shall be a critical review of the literature available for the given topic; the purpose is to provide your reader with an overview of the research that has been done on your topic, and to evaluate the sources you are reviewing. You need to evaluate the effectiveness of the authors' arguments of the sources that you will include in your report. You'll also point out areas where much research has been done, as well as areas where more research still needs to be done. It's also important to compare sources with each other, pointing out where they agree or disagree with one another.

Finally, you will draw conclusions from your findings, describing what the literature as a whole suggests about your topic. Remember to take into consideration your evaluations of the relative effectiveness of the different authors' arguments. If there are important aspects of the topic that have not yet been fully researched, you might not be able to reach definite conclusions. If this is the case, you can discuss why more research is needed.

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