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Explain The Essential Facts Concepts Principles Strategies And Theories: IT And physics Assignment, UAEU, UAE

University United Arab Emirates University (UAEU)
Subject IT And physics

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the essential facts, concepts, principles, strategies, and theories relating to Information Technology applications.
  • Demonstrate intellectual independence, logical and analytical thinking skills to develop creative and innovative solutions for a range of Information management and IT problems.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally with peers, clients, superiors, and society at large both in written and spoken form.

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The University needs a Telephone Directory System that allows its Telephone Operator (TO) to carry out the following:

1. Search employee telephone number. The TO needs to search staff telephone numbers by employee name or id as a search key. The system should read the text file and return the telephone number searched.

2. Assign telephone numbers to new employees. The system should provide a feature for the TO to add a telephone number for new employees into the txt file. The system should allow the TO to store an employee id, employee name, telephone number, and department name for each of the new employees into the tel.txt file. There should not be any duplicate entry and the tel.txt file has to be created (by the system) if it does not exist.

3. Update the telephone number of the existing employees. The system should allow the TO to key in employee IDs or names and update their telephone numbers.

4. Produce a list of all employees and their telephone numbers department-wise. You are expected to use structures to store data read from the txt file and sort them department-wise using array and/or linked-list.

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