IB9FJP: Select a significant change Leadership Challenge you Have Experience: Leadership Assignment, UOW,

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IB9FJP: Select a significant change Leadership Challenge you Have Experience: Leadership Assignment, UOW,

SubjectIB9FJP: Leadership
Select a significant change leadership challenge you have experience of. Undertake Parts A, B, and C detailed below, using the integration of your learning from within and across all four parts of the Leadership module:


Decision making

Leadership lifecycle

Change challenges and approaches

Part A

Describe the nature and scale of the change leadership challenge and the current and potential impact on the organization’s internal and external environment. Outline the context, content, and process of the change.

Part B

Evaluate how effectively you think the organization approached this change leadership the

the challenge, including the consideration of the diversity of people and values. Analyze the leadership approach using a range of the models and frameworks introduced in the module. What were the outcomes from the leadership of change and what does the organization need now? What kinds of leadership paradoxes have you identified? What conclusions or lessons do you draw from this case? The case may include a change of leaders and the leadership circumstances and characteristics.

Part C

Following on from your evaluation:
1. As chief executive of the organization, describe how you would have approached this particular challenge; the critical dilemmas and paradoxes you would have faced, how you would have engaged with these dilemmas and paradoxes, and the reasoning behind your recommended choice of actions.

2 Identify the critical generic factors any senior executive team would have to consider in this situation, regardless of the type of organization and its operating context.

3. Your concluding section should reflect on how learning from the module content might have impacted your own practice as a change leader.

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