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The Use Of Artificial Intelligence To Implement A Call Center IVR : Artificial Intelligence Assignment, HWUD, UAE

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The Use Of Artificial Intelligence To Implement A Call Center IVR : Artificial Intelligence Assignment, HWUD, UAE

SubjectArtificial Intelligence
The use of Artificial intelligence to implement a call center IVR that can perform sales techniques. Today we live in a very challenging market where demand and supply control the flow of products and services. The introduction of information technology helps in boosting business sales and thus increases the revenue margin.

From its name, a new concept emerged in our daily business need which is the call center concept, where a group of people with the use of a system (information technology) will be able to answer consumer needs and want and fulfill them without the need to approach the center of the company, this concept ease the process of getting what the consumer needs and also help them to do the purchases of the company good and services.

Now the setup of the call center requires a lot of resources from the system configuration, hardware equipment, and finally the human elements. the complexity of the call center will depend on how large the company profile is in the market and the number of its existing consumer. by this, the calculation of the number of staff and their support unit will vary.

Taking the consideration of the above mention complexity, companies need to pay wages and salaries for those staff to ensure the continuity of service and also the speed of service will be determined by what we call the talk time concept, so the less talk time leads to more possibility to serve more number consumers.

My thesis is to discuss the possibility to introduce an automated voice recorder that is intelligent enough to process the sales request on behalf of the human part by understanding what the caller is looking for in terms of service or product, moreover, the automated voice will be able to detect caller’s voice and understand if he is angry, happy, frustrated or a quiet consumer and follows a specific approach to promote the service for him.

I would include the example of the Airline industry in this study and how we can come across a system that can automate the sales process through the use of an intelligent voice recorder.

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