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What Are The High And Low Context Cultural Communication Values: Communication & Negotiation Skills Assignment, SBS, UAE

University Swiss Business School (SBS)
Subject Communication & Negotiation Skills

Q1. Answer the following questions in detail with examples as applicable:

a) What are the high and low context cultural communication values and how they are related to organizations?

b) Discuss the complexity of “Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture” within the framework of internal and external communication impact.

Q2. Outline how BATNA is an effective tool for conflict resolution among employees keeping in view its seven steps.

a) What are the key dimensions of closing the deal tactics, explain.

b) Explain the elements of successful integrative bargaining with example

Q.3 What are the twelve cognitive biases and how manage them effectively?

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Q4. Answer the following questions (with examples as applicable):

a) Explain the obstacles to successful communication and how can we overcome the underlined challenges.

b) Identify the essential skills required for “Active Listening”.

c) a Negotiation is an effective tool when it comes to interpersonal communication. Explain the concept of the “Role Reversal” technique and how does it help in

d) Give an example of ZOPA and explain its importance in communication.

Q5. Answer the following:

a) What are the guidelines for “constructive feedback”?

b) What are the sources of conflict? Explain the five stages of “Conflict Management” and steps taken to resolve the conflicts.

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