BUS306-Applied Management Science Assignment Solution ADU

BUS306-Applied Management Science Assignment Sample ADU UAE

One of the indispensable courses offered by Abu Dhabi University is BUS306 applied management science includes various fields simultaneously. As the name connotes the meaning of the course that includes fundamentals of economics, business, engineering, and other sciences.

The course offered by Aby Dhabhi University broadens the intellect in the students where you can get to learn various scientific-based research methods helping in problem-solving and decision making concerning the human organization.

The course BUS306 Applied Management Science offers an opportunity to the undergraduate as well graduate students to learn about the policy decision in any organization.

It is the course that teaches its students regarding technical methods and not only works in a functional view. The scientific research methods make this course a management science that is proven to be beneficial.

The course developed the skills in the students that helps them to improve the managerial decision after applying appropriate techniques and tools.


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BUS306-Applied Management Science course Learning Outcomes

BUS306 Applied management science resulted in the following learning outcomes and at the end, students will able to:-

1.Explain the scope of applied management science.

The branch of management science inculcate in the course BUS306 Applied management science assignment and is wider enough that includes several other branches.

The scope of applied management science is not restricted to business only and the faculties of Abu Dhabhi University explain the extent of other areas. This course applies to various fields other than business management such as medical, charitable, public administration, finance management, etc.

Management science is the multidisciplinary study of problem-solving and decision-making in human organizations. Its scope extends to the various scientific research based on principles, models, strategies, analytical’s methods that include numerical algorithms, mathematical modeling, and statistics.

2.Discuss various scientific research methods, techniques, principles, and strategies.

The course BUS306 Applied Management science assignment embodies several scientific research methods that are meant to improve managerial decision and organizational ability to work rationally and take a fruitful decision.

Such techniques and research methods help businesses to obtain desired goals and targets driving by the optimal and neuro- optimal solution. Nowadays the arena of management science encompasses organizational activity that helps in solving the structured problem and resulted in the solution set with identifiable characteristics.

In the course, the students would able to learn the issues related to management and experience its solution-driven via mathematical modeling.


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3. Discuss the three-level concerns in management science.

In BUS306 Applied Management Science assignment talks about various levels on which it runs, that is to say, the experts thoroughly explain the fundamental level, modeling level, and the application level.

In such levels, the students grab not only subjective or academic knowledge but also experience its practical impact in the real world. The first two levels illustrate the mathematical discipline and building models, and the third level gives a practical view to the students.

In the course, the levels are designed to gather and analyze data via mathematical principles. It also elucidates probability, optimization, and dynamical system at a fundamental level. Modeling level stimulates the building models, informatic models on a computer that used to solve managerial problems and conduct experiments.

4. Applied management science is not confirmed to business and explain the other field involved in management science.

As the scope of applied management science is so wide that is not constrained to business management or branch of social sciences. It expands to several other branches and the management science is concerned on three levels that applicable on community group, legal department, engineering, technology, humanities, etc.

Management science is a field that proves to be beneficial for all kinds and works in a systematic manner and rationally. The applied management science is instrumental and driven statistics and econometrics.


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Application-level in management science, driving change in the real world, prepare a report of application level.

The course includes an empirical approach that aims to give practical knowledge to the students and driving change in the real world. We will discuss certain applications that stimulate to furnish a practical impact.

In this course, the students learn various disciplines simultaneously that give them knowledge of analytical reasoning, mathematical discipline serves as a guide in business management science. The application-level helps the students to utilize their overall wisdom in the report and capable to work as a professional in future.

The course integrates several different areas resulted in a shift and enhance the skills of the students. The faculties at Abu Dhabi university give an extensive research opportunity to the students to obtain more and more information.

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