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Competitor Analysis for Business Plan Essay Sample

Competitor Analysis for Business Plan Essay

You will always have competition from your opposition companies to run your business. You need to prepare well to know about your competitors. So, let us know about it and get a Competitor Analysis for Business Plan accordingly.

Competitor’s Analysis Report: Definition & Importance

A Competitor’s analysis report is defined to outline the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ business plan. This includes comparing your business plan to that of your competitors’ business plan model.

When you prepare an analysis report of your competitors’ business plan, it includes detailed information about your business target market. Along with this, it also includes features of your products compared to those products manufactured by your competitors. Other details of market shares, sales, revenues, pricing model comparison, etc are part of the analysis report of your competitors’ business plan.

This also includes making an analysis of marketing strategy and using social media strategy by your company and your competitors’ company. Lastly, the competitors’ analysis report contains a descriptive analysis of customer ratings of your competitors.

It is important to analyze your business plan with that of your competitors. You should always know your competitors’ plans otherwise you could end up losing big business opportunities. These are the best ways to make your business successful.  This is because it also helps you introduce that business plan that your competitor has still not introduced.


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How to Create A Competitor Analysis for Business Plan?

Analyzing your company’s business plans in marketing terms will help to increase its strengths. In the same manner, if you analyze your competitors’ business plans, you will be able to know your company’s potential weaknesses or loopholes.

You can compare your product to that of your competitors through 4 Ps. In this manner, it will help you regarding your products’ pricing, branding, market distribution, and other promotional strategies.

Let us know the competitors’ analysis in brief:

1. 4 P’s for Competitor Analysis

You need to divide the competitors’ analysis report into 4 sections – Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

  • Product: The first phase of analyzing your competitor’s business plan is the comparison of your products and services to that of your competitors. This product analysis can boost up your sales.  Here, you can justify your products with the benefits and solutions you provide, rather than highlighting your product’s features. Product analysis can help you know your competitors’ weaknesses. You can make use of these weaknesses for marketing your products and services.
  • Price: The price of your product is purely based on your product cost. You should compare the competitors’ product prices with yours. In this manner, you can make desired profits, gain business opportunities, and avoid any kind of business threats. You can increase your success rate in the market by setting your pricing strategies.
  • Place: You can sell your products and services in those places where your competitors are not considering selling their products and services. You need to create a distribution strategy that puts your company in that place where customers want to purchase. If your marketplace demographic is buyers in age groups below 40, target them online and boost your sales up through online sales. This is possible only if your competitors are not doing business online.
  • Promotion: You should analyze the promotion strategies that are used by your competitors, for example, advertisements. You can knock off your competitors using your ads like offering some benefits that are not offered to the customers by your competitors.


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2. Compare Products for Competitor Analysis

Comparing your products with that of your competitors is the simplest marketing plan to analyze your competitors. You need to describe the benefits of your products in such a way that customers feel that these benefits are not available at competitors’ products. Moreover, you should only tell the truth and stop glorifying your product.

3. Competitor Analysis by Market Positioning

You should analyze the marketing position of your competitors’ products. If you discover that your competitors are not yet using channels like online, you can take advantage and use that online channel to woo potential customers.

4. Unique Methods to Market Your Products for Business Plan

Using unique methods to market your products that are not yet used by your competitors. This should be clearly stated in your competitor’s analysis report. For example, if your competitor is using TV and radio to market their products. They are not using social media to market their products. So, you should take advantage of this, and promote your products through social media. In this way, you can reach out to maximum customers.

5. Market Leverage

You can increase the marketing leveraging of your products over your competitors. In this way, you can do something that your competitors are not doing yet. This can be a new product, re-developing your previous product, or a new way of a promotion strategy, etc.

Conclusion of Competitor Analysis for Business Plan

Therefore, making a report on competitors’ analysis for your business plan is very important to make your business profitable. It makes you keep knowledge about your competitors. You can gain knowledge about their marketplace and marketing strategies. If you know their marketplace and business plan, you will be able to compete with them equally as a conventional competitor.

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