FIN212 Financial Management Assignment Example UAE

FIN212 Financial Management Assignment Sample UAE

The course FIN212 financial management assignment is about the management concerning the financial department of any enterprise. Until and unless, the business won’t be stable financially, it could not deliver productive results.

To generate higher revenue a business needs to be sound in financial terms and the course FIN212 discusses the management of finance. Every organization adopts different strategies for financial management and this course elaborates all such management techniques with the help of which finance could be stabilized.

The course procures the activities of financial and sustainable growth that improve the fundamentals of the business. To operate any business with the strategy of the sustainable capital market, using different means to achieve the end, the course educates for the same.

Financial management helps in increasing the profit margin of the company and strengthens the brand value in the market. To make the business financially fit requires proper planning and execution.

The course explains the importance of sustainable business and aims to design an extensive road map for the sustainable capital market. The objective of the course is to make the economy stronger with the help of financial management. It explains the determinants that provide a shield for business sustainability.


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FIN212 Financial Management Course Learning Outcomes

Financial management provides skill in the students and will attain the following learning outcomes:-

1. Explain the scope of FIN512 Financial management in an organization.

The scope of the course is broadened enough that includes all the concepts of finance and management and makes a single branch as to financial management. It plays a substantial role in any business as it determines the liquidity or cash flow in such an establishment as well as the position of the market.

The financial management course helps the students to conclude the situation of the economy and work accordingly. Every business deal with financial responsibility but this course educates the students about financial management that leads to meet the organizational goals.

Nowadays to manage finance in any business is the core job to perform and FIN512 Financial management helps the students to extract profit from the business.

2. Financial management connotes business sustainability, discusses the meaning and its determinants.

In this course, FIN512 Financial management educates the students with various competitive strategies that prove to be fruitful for any business to survive in the market and able to fight with risk. A sustainable business means to deal the same about financial, social, and environmental obligations and to face risk as well as opportunities.

With the help of business sustainability, it could assist to manage the tripartite line and enable the business to overcome hock. It is noteworthy that the market and economy of UAE are the second largest in the Middle East zone and it becomes possible only with the help of business sustainability.

Financial management boosts the expansion of the business and reduces the risk level. The business stability helps in dealing with the coordination of tripartite lines as to social environmental and financial demands that furthers result in strengthening the brand value of the business.


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3. Explain the implication of sustainable capital markets and green financial markets?

The course FIN512 Financial management explains the relevance of sustainable capital markers and it connotes the public securities such as bonds, stock exchange, sovereign gold, etc for raising long-term profit.

In the market of UAE sustainable capital market dominate the investors for investment in green projects. The course explains how to invest in a sustainable capital market for buying and selling the shares to dominate the capital cost. It also provides support to shareholders and obtains the dividend from the business.

The course explains the allocation of liquidity in the capital market and evaluates the position of corporate. It also explains the ways to mitigate the issues that come across so that it resulted in business sustainability and secure high profit-margin.

The course, FIN512 Financial management, comprises of green financial markets that refer to money invested in sustainable projects for high-profit in long terms, yet, the or if it margin is less in the sustainable project but it bestows long term profits to the investors and makes the financial management fruitful. Likewise, the probability of risk factor in sustainable project is negligible that makes the investment secure.

4. Critically analyze the incentives of procuring a sustainable capital market and infer examples of it.

The expression business sustainability refers to meet the issues of the present without comprising the needs of future generations and yet, it gives several incentives to procure a sustainable capital market.

The course states incentives of sustainable capital market as by reducing the risk and increase the opportunity in the green market. The investment in sustains capital market delivers long-term profit that results in an expansion in treasury operation.

The course explains how the sustainable capital market has no environmental impact and is identified as a sustainable business. The reasons why the sustained capital market is clear and green and makes the financial management rich snd systematic.

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