FIN 304 Management of Financial Institutions Assignment Example UAE

FIN 304 Management of Financial Institutions Sample UAE

The course offered by Abu Dhabi University named FIN 304 Management of financial institution benefited undergraduate as well as postgraduate students. The course is mainly designed for economics, business, finance, accounting students who want to pursue their career in a financial institution.

To learn about the aspects of management of the financial institution, this course proves to be fruitful. Every enterprise, as well as country, runs on the pillars of its economy, and the economy of it strives from the management of the financial institution, yet the course plays a significant role.

The objective of the course is to disseminate financial awareness and disperse the knowledge of markets concerning monetary terms. The Abu Dhabi University vision to spread social awareness among the students and take an effective decision that aims at the growth of any enterprise.

The development of the economy is majorly guided by the management of the financial institution and the course elucidates the mechanism of the same. This course FIN304 Management of Financial Institution gives a comprehensive knowledge of various problems, issues, fumes, savings, insurance, etc


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FIN 304 Management of Financial Institutions Course Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of this course which helps the students to pertain their career effectively are as follows:-

1.Explain the scope of the course FIN304 Management of the financial institution

The course FIN304 Management of Financial Institution covered several branches in it such as certain basics of mathematics statistics, accounting, business, economics, and finance.

The concept of finance is one of the major areas of this course FIN304 Management of Financial Institution. Every financial institution determines the progress of any economy and drives many sectors to grow expeditiously.

The course also explains the vital part of any financial institution that works in exigencies. The file of the economic system is driven by a financial institution and financial development adheres to the same.

2. Discuss the process, issues, and challenges faced by a financial institution in its management.

Many times the institution faces challenges and requires a special mechanism to deal with the same and this course elaborates all those models, charts, graphs, research methods, techniques, etc to deal with those challenges. Until and unless any organization won’t eradicate the issues from its roots, it’s not possible to operate the functions of such an organization effectively.

In the case of financial institutions on which the whole economy depends, it is required to annihilate such issues from their roots and it could only be possible with the appropriate use of techniques that is inclusive in this course.

The course teaches by professionals of Abu Dhabi University who years of experience in the concerned area. It is more important to discuss the solutions to such problems and the course strive for a solution applicable in the real world.

3. Critically analyze the role of derivatives, stock exchange in the management of the financial institution.

Every financial institution runs on certain fundamentals of derivatives as they are the values on which the condition of the market depends. This course elaborately explains how the financial institution works concerning derivatives and how it partake management of the financial institution.

The working mechanism of the financial institution depends upon how the management of it and the foundation of such management lies in the systematic functioning of the same. The management of financial institutions can understand with the help of functions and operations of the market. It also discusses the fluctuations and operations of the stock exchange that affect the management of the financial institution.

The concepts of CRR, SLR, Liquidity, and cash flow in the market also influence the management of the financial institutions. The course elaborately provides all such concepts thoroughly that the financial banks to take an organized decision.

4. What is a major key function that financial institution performs in the development and growth of the economy?

The course FIN,304 Management of financial institution gives a brief overview as to how the financial institution like banks works and what are the key functions that help in the development of the economy.

This, also explains how the decisions of financial institutions are influenced by the major key functions. The development and growth of the economy have their foundation in the management of financial institution.

The course examines the analysis of monetary instruments like cash flow, bonds, securities, stock and how such instruments influence the management of the financial institution.

The financial institution not only works to grow the economy but also provide several beneficial schemes, funds to individual and course envisages the same.

5. Every financial institution requires liquidity and cash flow in the economy. Discuss the major concepts of finance, economics, and business that come across in the management of the financial institution.

Management of Financial institutions does not only include the subject- matter of finance but also covers the subject matter of management, economics, business, statistics, etc.

Yet, this is the reason that subject matter forms a single stream to study. It is the aggregation of all the concerned subjects and explains the role of mutual funds in the management of the financial institution. In the case of emergencies, the course helps the professionals to make the decision effectively.

Certain concepts such as provident fund, pension funds, credit ratings, civil score, etc also cover the ambit of management of the financial institution.

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