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Segmentation Variables in Marketing Essay Sample

Segmentation Variables in Marketing Essay

There are different types of variables in market segmentation. These bases of marketing segmentation variables permit you to target customers. This segmentation is based on various unique characteristics that create good marketing campaigns. Moreover, it also lets you find various market opportunities.

So, let us see how you can influence segmentation variables in marketing. Moreover, you will also get to know everything about market segmentation and its strategies.

Market Segmentation: Definition

Market segmentation is the method of dividing the customers on basis of the target market. It is divided into smaller defined categories. Here, customers and audiences are segmented into groups sharing similar characteristics. These similar characteristics are known as demographics, needs, interests, or location.

Segmentation Variables in Marketing: Importance

Segmentation variables in marketing are important to focus easily on marketing efforts. It is also equally important on focusing resources on reaching out to valuable customers. This is also allowing you to grow your business and achieving various business goals.

Market segmentation is also beneficial in knowing your customers better. It also determines what the customer wants and needs. It also teaches you how to meet the customers’ needs demands with your service or product. You can also further know the characteristics of market segmentation.


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Market Segmentation: Benefits

There are various benefits of market segmentation variables. These are:

  • Creating or developing strong marketing messages to a specific audience: You should deliver your marketing messages directly that focuses upon target audiences’ needs, wants, and other unique characteristics. Here, generic and ambiguous language is discouraged while delivering your marketing messages.
  • Identifying the strongest effective tactics of marketing: There are various marketing tactics available in the market. However, you need to use the best and appropriate marketing strategies, solutions, and methods to target and attract the perfect audience or customers.
  • Creating and designing hyper-targeted ads: You can target audiences by their location, age, buying habits, interest, etc via hyper-targeted ads like digital ad campaigns. These ads are effective and create a deep impact on customers.
  • Attract customers and convert them into quality leads: When your marketing lead messages are clear and straight, it instantly targets and attracts the right customers. This is also an ideal prospect to convert the prospective customers into leads i.e. the buyers.
  • Make your brand different from your competitors: Your company’s brand must be promoted with a well- defined message. This should be different from the competitors’ brand that includes unique features.
  • Creating deep customers’ attraction to your brand: The way of delivering and communicating a marketing message must create a deep affinity or attraction upon the customers’ minds. In this manner, the relationship between the customer and brand will be strong and will last for a longer period of time.


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Types of Market Segmentation Variables

Dividing markets in segmentation is based on the following types:

  • Demographic segmentation: Demographic segmentation variables are one of the popular types of market segmentation. This is generally used for referring to statistical data about a group of individuals. Demographic market segmentation is selecting or targeting individuals on basis of their age, gender, location, occupation, family background, annual income, education, and ethnic group. Therefore, this type of demographic segmentation is for separating B2C customers.

On the other hand, B2B audiences or customers are classified on basis of the size of the company, industry, and job role. Marketing segmentation variables information derived from demographics are base on statistics and facts.

  • Psychographic segmentation: Psychographic segmentation is classified on the basis of audiences’ personal characteristics. This is further segmented upon their personal traits, attitudes, values, lifestyles, interests, psychological influences, priorities, motivations, and conscious & sub-conscious beliefs.

Psychographic segmentation is quite tough since it is based on subjective research. These are not based upon facts and data. You need to make strict research to find the details and understand yourself.

  • Behavioral segmentation: Behavioral segmentation pays attention to the customers’ actions. This is judged on his/her spending habits, buying habits, user status, and brand communications.
  • Geographic segmentation: Geographic marketing segmentation is the simplest way to categorize customers on basis of geographical borders. Some of the examples of segmenting on basis of geographic borders are ZIP code, city, country, climate, and urban or rural area.

Steps to Create Market Segmentation Strategy

You need to create an effective market segmentation strategy to know about your audience. This also allows you to find new opportunities for product marketing. Following are the steps to make a market segmentation strategy. These are:

  • Analyzing your current customers to know about the present trends.
  • Creating a buyer persona to target the ideal customer.
  • Identifying the market segment opportunities that can initiate new marketing offers and opportunities.
  • Making detailed research upon your competitors’ product and their marketing campaigns.
  • Creating your products’ marketing campaigns and then test or track the result. In this manner, you will learn how the customers are responding to your products. Finally, you will also be able to achieve your marketing goals.

Conclusion Of Segmentation Variables In Marketing

The use of segmentation variables in marketing your product is best for creating effective marketing campaigns. In this manner, your brand will get its target customers, and you will achieve your business goals. This also allows you to know your customers’ traits and preferences. So, segmentation variables in marketing will help you to reach and serve your customers. Finally, your product will find new marketing opportunities, and this will grow your business and product.

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