Time Management Skills Essay Sample

Time Management Skills Essay

Proper management of time can help students in improving their career. Proper organization of each day can assist them in completing their work on time. Effective management of time can assist students in accomplishing desired career objectives. In this essay, we will discuss the meaning and importance of time management skills. In the essay, we will also emphasize analyzing the way students can enhance and showcase their skills at the time of searching for jobs. If you think you will not able to complete your essay on time then you can request instant writing help from our experts. They will help you in submitting your essay before the deadline.

What are your time management skills?

Time management skills number of competencies that can assist you in managing time also. Few most essential time management skills are:


Staying organized is very much crucial. It will assist you in maintaining a clear picture of what you need to complete and the deadline for the task. Students to remain organized can maintain up to date calendar. Preparing the list of priority tasks can be helpful in the organization of work.


Setting priorities is the key that can help you in becoming a good time manager. UAE Students for becoming a good time manager need to first have a sense of their responsibilities. By developing an understanding of responsibilities, students will be able to prepare the list of priority tasks easily. There are several techniques that you can utilize for setting priorities. Students may prefer to complete simple and short tasks first. While other students may like to give priority to the most time-sensitive task.


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Goal Setting

If you want to become a good time manager then setting the goal is the first step. It is the setting of a goal strategy that enables you to develop a clear understanding of what to accomplish. The establishment of both short and long-term goals can assist students in achieving success in their careers.


The development of effective communication skills can assist you in formulating good plans. It can enable you to share your goals and ideas with people. It is effective communication skills that will enable you to delegate responsibilities. These tactics will also allow you to concentrate on finishing the most important task first.


Planning is considered to be the most fundamental part of time management. It includes preparing schedules on daily basis and sticking to the same. Planning tasks and meetings daily can assist in accomplishing desired goals.

Stress management

At the time of practicing time management, you also need to concentrate on handling mental stress. It is the tactics that will assist you in keeping yourself motivated. Students for handling stress can take short breaks throughout your day. Rewarding yourself in small ways can assist you in accomplishing tasks.

The development of all the above time management skills can assist you in organizing your routine work.

Importance of time management skills

Time management skills are very crucial as it will assist you in structuring work in a manner which enables you to achieve goals. For instance, if your objective is to get a job, then you will need time to update your curriculum vitae. You also require time for searching for openings, sending the application to companies, and preparing for the interview. You should keep a specific amount of time every day. It is the tactics that will assist you in completing the important steps for getting a job.

If you are already doing a job then you may have many responsibilities with helping the organization accomplishing objectives. Maintaining calendars, meetings and tasks is very much essential for achieving success in your role.

Time management is also very much essential as it will enable you to have space for being more creative and proactive with your objectives. By keeping a specific amount of time aside for the completion of tasks you will be able to think bigger about yourself and your organization.


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Techniques to enhance time management skills

Enhancing time management skills can assist you in becoming a better and productive employee. It will also assist you in exploring more career growth opportunities. Below are a few techniques that you can apply for improving your time management skills.

Establish short and long term goals

Setting goals regularly can assist you in developing a clear understanding of what you need to accomplish. You to achieve something big need to identify smaller milestones.

For instance, if you want to get a promotion at the workplace then you should have goals to develop a specific skill set. You should set smart goals i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic, and time-based objectives.

Manage calendar

In the context of managing time, students must keep some time aside for completing the most important tasks. Before deciding the time for meeting you should once consider that such meetings are beneficial or not. If in case, you think attending the meeting is not useful then you should avoid them.

Prioritize assignment

Prioritization is a difficult skill but it gets easier with practice. It is very much essential for students to practice prioritization. You should prepare a to-do list daily. Preparing to do a list will provide you with ease in prioritizing tasks. It will also assist you in addressing the most urgent tasks which need to be completed first. Developing an understanding of due dates and the way tasks effects other and business objectives can assist you in getting certain things done ahead of others.


The overall conclusion drawn from the above is that enhancing time management skills can assist you in becoming better employees. It will assist you in increasing your ability to concentrate fully on your important tasks. Another thing which has been found from the above is that a person can become a good time manager by organizing their work and setting goals.

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