Total Quality Management Essay Sample

Total Quality Management Essay

Total quality management is an integrated approach that helps in bringing drastic improvement in business operations. Management students in colleges of UAE are generally aware of total quality management. When students need to write a short essay on TQM they easily write it. But they face issues in writing a lengthy essay on quality management. If you are also facing issues in writing a lengthy essay on a specific topic then you can have access to our management assignment help.


Total Quality is basically a management approach that is utilized by companies for bringing improvement in the quality of goods. It is an approach which is based on the assumption that mistake can be avoided. TQM is an approach which aids in preventing defects in products.

Earlier TQM was only related to the Quality of products that the company is producing. Now, a specific approach applies to other areas like finance, marketing, customer service, etc. Total quality management is mainly related to checking quality throughout the enterprise. It means, if any problem is addressed during the production procedure, it is the responsibility of a specific person to resolve the issue.

The main motive of the company using a total quality management approach is to provide a high level of satisfaction to customers, employees, and suppliers. Through continuous improvement, the company can provide a high level of satisfaction to its stakeholders. In TQM, managers need to closely work with other members in an enterprise for bringing improvement in the business procedure, products, and working environment.

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In the last few years, total quality management has received great attention. Due to the high intensity of competition TQM has gained popularity. Previously, many large and small enterprises in the world have adopted several measures for quality control.  But TQM is a quite recent concept.  Many companies in the UAE have adopted the TQM approach very late.

In an essay, the main emphasis will be on the concept of total quality management. An essay also includes an analysis of effective TQM practices implemented by different organizations in the UAE market.

Main Body

What is total quality management?

Total Quality management is an approach that aims at enhancing the value of procedures by continuously checking for deficiencies in products. It is basically a customer-focused approach that mainly emphasizes delivering the best quality of products at a low price. TQM is a business strategy which requires all members’ contribution to enhance the quality of products.

During the last few years, Total quality management has become important and outstanding about the increasing capabilities of different procedures in an enterprise. It has supported many companies in UAE in gaining a competitive advantage. The quality management approach is mainly concerned with bringing continuous improvement in reliability, competencies, innovativeness, and cost of business. It provides firms with an action plan that assists in producing and delivering products or services. Quality management also assists the firm in producing cheaper, faster, and Quality products.

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Many companies in the world are using total quality management. You can easily measure the need for implementing TQM by evaluating the performance of the competitor. As per the TQM approach, it is the duty of the manager to make certain employees provide services on-demand within the agreed time. Integrity is also vital; it entails the completeness of the service that the company provides.

Analysis of different total quality management practices of companies in the UAE

Many researchers have performed research on the efficient execution of the Total quality management approach across different companies in UAE. According to the result of a few research reveals that efficient implementation of TQM in firms of UAE has resulted in great financial improvement. The outcome of the research also reveals that by implementing a TQM  approach, companies in the UAE have able to provide a high level of satisfaction to customers. It has also been analyzed that after implementation of TQM there has been drastic improvement in the quality of products. But there are few studies, the result of which reveals the high failure of TQM implementation in some firms located in UAE.

A study conducted by AL-Neyadi in companies of UAE found that there is a great variation in the way different initiative of TQM was executed across private and public organizations in UAE. A research result also reveals a correlation between the sizes of companies and the number of TQM approaches implemented. Employee commitments, worker engagement, effective communication, training, teamwork, focus on customers is very much important for the successful implementation of quality management. In the context of companies in UAE, quality factors are very much important for the successful execution of TQM along with different factors such as customer focus, employee engagement, commitment, etc.


The overall conclusion of the essay is that total quality management is very much important for maintaining companies’ competitiveness. A high level of commitment by management and concentration on customer satisfaction is crucial for the success of the TQM. It has also been concluded that many firms in the UAE have implemented TQM. Failure in the implementation of the TQM approach can be prevented by properly assessing the different organizational factors.

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