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You Will Assume The Role Of A Management Consultant: Strategic Management For Engineers And Technologists Assignment, UOWD, UAE

University University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)
Subject Strategic Management For Engineers And Technologists

You will assume the role of a management consultant, who has the role of conducting a strategic case analysis of a large company and providing the company with recommendations for improved long-term performance.
You are required to conduct a strategic analysis of this business or organization. This should involve external and internal environmental scanning, including PESTEL, Five forces analysis, Stakeholder analysis, internal strength-weakness, and SWOT analysis.

Your assignment should include an analysis of the major problems or issues faced by the company, and conclude with recommendations to assist the company in dealing with its major strategic problems.

Recommended issues
1. Executive summary
2. A brief description of the organization, including its name and the type of
business (what products or services it provides), as well as the type of staff,
the number of staff, the number of branches, etc.

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3. An external analysis (at the industry/macro-environment levels). For
a) Current and potential opportunities and how they may be
taken advantage of.
b) Current and potential threats and how they might be
overcome or minimized. If relevant, discuss the impact of national culture and conditions on the organization.
4. An internal analysis. For example:
a) strengths and how they will be used,
b) weaknesses, and, if possible, how they might be overcome or
5. A “Five-forces” analysis of the industry the organization is based in. Apply
this model discusses how you can maximize the competitive advantage of
the organization.
6. How will the organization address the four generic building blocks of
competitive advantage: efficiency, quality, innovation, and customer
7. Discuss the distinctive competencies of the organization.
8. Does the organization have a differentiation strategy? Discuss.
9. If relevant, discuss any strategic alliances that may benefit your
10. Should the organization go global? Why/why not? If yes, how will this be
11. Based on the above, what are the major problems or potential problems the
an organization should address?
12. Based on your analysis of the major problems or potential problems, what
are your recommendations for the organization?
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