MIR 503 International Crisis Management Assignment Answers- Abu Dhabi University

MIR 503 International Crisis Management Assignment Sample ADU UAE

Abu Dhabi University offers a  MIR 503 International crisis management course that delivers several ways to manage the occurrence of crisis at the international level.

In this pandemic situation, the course MIR503 International crisis management assignment gives a significant platform to learn regarding crisis management and take the decisions accordingly. Covid-19 is one of the deteriorated crisis that has been facing at a global level and every country, association, and every individual have been facing it.

The course MIR503 plays a vital role at such times where the country faces any type of crisis and this course aims to designed for the undergraduate as well as postgraduate students for crisis management and such crisis could be of any time.

At the time of emergencies, the most important aspect is to manage it effectively and this course prepares the students to work as professionals for crisis management. Handle the crisis is not that easy and requires specialization in it.

This is the reason the course plays an indispensable role in every country whether it’s underdeveloped, developing, and developed. For any students who wish to pursue their career at the international level, such a course is meant for the students.

The course helps the person to understand how international crises can be managed.


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MIR 503 International Crisis Management Course Learning Outcomes

Every course comes with a pack of knowledge and so the case applies to it. In the end, the students will be able to learn the following outcomes:-

1.How international crisis management proves to be beneficial in dealing with crisis and critically analyzing its methods to do so?

To manage a family requires a systematic strategy and when it comes to the country it proposes to set an establishment to perform the functions expeditiously.

Moreover, at the international level, it requires a lot more than an establishment. The course is all about explaining the background of international crisis management and aims to provide an effective decision at the time of exigencies.

International crisis management facilitates the mechanism to handle a disruptive and dangerous situation. It proves not only beneficial but also recognized as one of the best ways to make amicable decisions in stressful situations.

2.What are the various ways to deal with crises at the international level? Does it help to make a report out of it?

The course MIR503 explains assorted ways to swap with the materialistic things at the international level. The course illustrates various ways of handling disasters irrespective of the fact what type of disaster is.

The course provides the mechanism to deal with every type of catastrophe whether it natural, environmental, industrial, or any other.

The course also gives the data that helps in future scrutiny and experts of Abu Dhabi University deliver academic as well as empirical teachings to the students so that every student can work as professionals.


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3. Discuss effective ways of dealing with an international crisis that is done by stipulated associations.

The course intended to explain all those effective ways with the help of which international crisis can be managed. Some certain associations or organizations establish to assist at the time of international crisis.

The course comprises the background of all such associations and functioning, the working mechanism of such establishments. This opens the area for the students to explore the working of it and could also foresee a career in it.

The course MIR503 international crisis management deals with the occurrence of unforeseen events and rectifies the same.

4.Explain the role of peaceful establishments in international crisis management and how developed countries influence the structure of the same?

One of the peaceful establishments that operate its functioning to maintain peace and calm is the United Nations. The course comprised of all such organization that works to establish peace at all time and its subcategory. The data shows that certain countries financing such establishments strongly and left their dominance over the world.

The course illustrates the incidents, history, and other factors that persuade the management of the international crises.


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5.Explain the comprehensive approach of global crisis management.

There is a different approach to deal with crisis management and one such is a comprehensive approach.

The course MIR503 international crisis management guides the students in distinct approaches and ensures stability all over the world. Disaster affects severely every corner of the world and a comprehensive approach is one of the best ways for global crisis management.

Stabilizing the condition requires a proper and systematic approach. Everything takes time to solidify and in case of a global crisis, it needs to deal properly.

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