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SWOT Analysis of Abu Dhabi Aviation Essay Sample

SWOT Analysis of Abu Dhabi Aviation Sample

‘SWOT Analysis of Abu Dhabi Aviation’ is an essay topic. This topic is a popular assignment writing task done by the students of Business Management and Corporate Communication. So, it is common that students studying various
management and corporate communication courses get to write a SWOT analysis of various UAE companies.

Now let us know about Abu Dhabi Aviation company and their SWOT analysis.

A Brief Introduction to Abu Dhabi Aviation

Abu Dhabi Aviation is an airline company based out in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This airline company started its operations with only a helicopter in 1975. Later, it expanded its business with airlines, oil fields, and other economic facilities in the UAE and other states in Saudi Arabia. The headquarters of Abu Dhabi Aviation is based out at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Key Facts of Abu Dhabi Aviation

Let us check out some interesting and key facts about Abu Dhabi Aviation airlines services:

  • In the starting period, Abu Dhabi Aviation began its operation in 1976 with helicopters. In 1991, it introduced fixed-wing aircraft.
  • This aviation company consists of 960 employees (2013). The business share of this airline company is distributed to 70% Abu Dhabi citizens, and the other 30 % share is held by the Abu Dhabi Government.
  • Abu Dhabi Aviation has various groups of businesses. These are ADA Millennium, Maximus Air, ADA Real Estate Management, Royal Jet, Abu Dhabi Aviation Training Centre, Agusta Westland Aviation Services LLC, and General Maintenance LLC.
  • The Business group called Abu Dhabi Aviation Training Center (ADATC) is a training service provider for pilots. It provides pilot training services for commercial and military purposes. The names of CAE flight levels used by Abu Dhabi Aviation during pilot training are “D” simulators, Bell 412, AW139, EMB 145, and King Air 350.


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Abu Dhabi Aviation Airways – SWOT Analysis

Abu Dhabi Aviation’s SWOT analysis is the company’s analysis of its strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. This is a marketing analysis that helps Abu Dhabi Aviation to understand its competitors.

Now let us briefly discuss SWOT analysis of Abu Dhabi Aviation:

  •  Strength of Abu Dhabi Aviation-The strong factor of Abu Dhabi Aviation is being the largest operator of commercial helicopters all over the Middle East countries. The total strength of Abu Dhabi Aviation’s helicopter business is 58 aircraft. Out of this, it includes 51 helicopters like 22 Bell 412s, 12 Bell 212s, 16 Agusta Westland AW139s, and 1 EC-135. It also consists of 7 fixed-wing aircraft (DHC-8). This helicopter business activity is managed by a huge team of 1000 employees, consisting of 250 engineers and 130 pilots.
  • The weakness of Abu Dhabi Aviation-The weakest factor in Abu Dhabi Aviation lies in its subsidiary business groups like offshore oil and passenger transportations. Moreover, the company’s non-disclosed financial asset and its limited transparency are also some of the issues raised in this aviation company.


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  • Opportunities for Business in Abu Dhabi Aviation- Abu Dhabi Aviation has great opportunities for business in areas of offshore oil & engineering, construction, medical evacuation, charter flights, VVIP passenger transportation facilities, etc. Even the major task of aerial spraying of crops in UAE is done by Abu Dhabi Aviation. This aviation company is also looking for international business opportunities outside the Arab world.  It already has its customers from outside countries. Moreover, they are expanding their business in Cyprus and Ghana. They are also finding new business opportunities in countries that have oil. This includes having business relations with Asia, South America, and Mediterranean countries.
  • Threats of Abu Dhabi Aviation –Like other companies, Abu Dhabi Aviation is also facing various threats and challenges in the market. This includes tough competition in the markets of UAE and European countries. They also often get accusations from rival airline companies like Air Arabia, Palm Aviation, Etihad Airways, etc. Other challenges faced by this airline company are terrorist threats and low oil prices in the international market.


 A detailed study of the SWOT analysis of Abu Dhabi Aviation reveals various information about its company. The management team studies and analyze various issues to rectify or solve the issues faced by Abu Dhabi Aviation. This includes studying the current strength and weaknesses of the company. It also involves finding ways to overcome these weaknesses.

A good study of various business opportunities leads them to gain new business partners and investors. Finally, this is also followed by a study of threats and challenges, and finding ways to rectify these issues for the smooth working of the business of Abu Dhabi Aviation.

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