VMoto Pestel Analysis UAE

VMoto Ltd Pestel & Environment Analysis in UAE

In this article, we will talk about the Pestel analysis of the Vmoto. This is one of the highlighted chapters for students pursuing business management studies. Therefore students who are into management need to learn and prepare assignments regarding the VMOTO limited for UAE. So here we will highlight facts related to the VMOTO and its pestle analysis.


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V moto Ltd company Overview

Two-wheeler riders have already heard the name of VMoto. It is one of the pioneering and leading scooter manufacturers. They produce two-wheelers which are electrically powered. Being nestled at Nanjing in China it has blended cheap Chinese products along with the western design to create excellent, high performance and cutting edge two-wheelers for the global markets.

Electric Mobility Market: V moto producing high-quality electric two-wheeler scooters by going green

Vmoto one of the finest two-wheeler-making company has made a great name in the automobile domain with smart and top-notch vehicle design. The best thing is that the electronically operated vehicles are sustainably designed and engineered with eco friendly.

Pestel analysis of Vmoto limited

VMOto limited will have to face lots of challenges considering the negative impact of the macro environment. A company like VMoto UAE won’t be able to make a long-lasting impact if it has to carry out business admits disturbed political situation.

The political aspect that influences VMoto limited

The political element plays a defined role in impacting the long-run profitability of the Vmoto limited in a particular market. The best about VMoto ltd is that it has always experimented with its business and because of that it has launched its business to strive in diverse political conditions. Also prepared itself to face various risks related to politics. VMoto diversified its business to withstand the threat of politics. These are some of the political aspects that VMoto considers at length.

  • The intervention of the government in the automobile industry
  • Stability in politics
  • Risk like the invasion of military
  • Tariffs imposed on the automobile industry
  • Tax and incentives

Economic aspect

Talking about the economic aspects of the macro environment, you need to include a rate of interest, rate of growth, savings. These as a whole determine the whole investment and demand of an economy. Now VmOto generally uses the economic aspect of a country to predict the growth and development of the automobile industry. The main economic aspects of the VMoto limited about Pestel are summarised below

  • Stability of the economic system
  • Stability and rate of exchange
  • Financial market and its efficiency
  • Quality of infrastructure used in the automobile industry

Social aspects impact VMoto limited

To do business in the right way, Vmoto has to consider the attitude and beliefs of the customers. Based on that they can craft the message for marketing in the automobile industry. Therefore it is that the culture of a society that always leaves an effect on the working culture of a company. So these are the social indicators that Vmoto pays heed to.

  • Skill and demography of the population
  • Structure of class and power in society
  • Level of education in society
  • Culture of society
  • Health and environmental aspects
  • Interest of people


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Technological indicator of VMoto limited

If you think about the technology and consider its development for the last couple of years then you would see that it is pacing too fast. Lots of revolutionary cars are there in the market considering the automobile industry. So a company needs to gear up fast so that it makes more profit because pacing down would give them give less time to cope and earn the profit. Therefore these are some of the technical aspects that need consideration

  • Current technological achievements
  • Impact of modern technology in creating great products
  • Costing
  • Effect on the value chain

Environmental indicators affecting VMoto limited

The rules related to environmental norms are different for different countries. And this can leave a direct influence on the profitability of the company. Automobile company such as VMoto needs to remember that even states in the same country may have different environmental norms. Now to operate in a fresh market or to operate in the same market the company has to comply with the environmental regulations. now these are some of the environmental aspects that Vmoto should consider these factors

  • Change in climate
  • Weather
  • Laws regarding environmental pollution
  • Management of waste and recycling

Legal indicator influencing VMoto limited

Any company needs to keep up with a legal standard to fortify the right of its intellectual property. Vmoto always scrutinizes a market before investing so that the company does not have to face any theft or has to forgo its competitive advantage. So these are the legal aspects that it can consider at once

  • Law on discrimination
  • Law on Antitrust
  • Law on employment
  • Health and safety
  • Protection of data

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