BANA 250 Business Intelligence Assignment Sample UAEU

BANA 250 Business Intelligence Assignment Example UAEU UAE

BANA250 business intelligence assignment formulated by United Arab Emirates University for the students who eager to learn fundamentals of business intelligence.

The vicinity of business intelligence is wider enough to discern, as it not only embodies the concept of business management but also envisages certain core concepts of data management. This is the reason it is termed a business intelligence assignment.


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The course needs to be construed comprehensively and broaden the intellect to understand and integrate the concept. The data-driven notion in business management provides support to it, and the course offers the knowledge of data-related concepts and how it would be an asset to business management. The objective of the course is to cultivate data management in the business field and other techniques that shift to business intelligence.

BANA 250 Business Intelligence Assignment Course Learning Outcomes

After a comprehensive study of BANA250 Business intelligence, the students are going to learn visual analytics and the following learning outcomes:-

1. Define the physical elements of the IT landscape, including hardware and software, and how they are arranged to support the business operations of an enterprise.

Business intelligence incorporates the concept of an IT landscape that organized systematically to form a configuration and guide business operations expeditiously. With time, the advancement of information technology works as an asset in the organization concerning business management in the same.

The elements of the IT landscape the policy-decision of any enterprise and the professionals of United Arab Emirates University explain such elements and their organization.

The course teaches the diagrams of the IT landscape that incorporates a bunch of computer software as well as hardware to administer existing information technology infrastructure. The course by UAEU confers the technical view of the IT landscape and exhibits certain parts of the information system.

2.Describe the process of visual analytics.

Business intelligence chiefly discussed the visual analytics mechanism and facilitate the multidisciplinary field where it builds the analytical reasoning in students through visual interfaces. The course BANA 250 business intelligence assignment is the compact of data analytics and visualization that confers analytical mode.

In course BANA 250 business intelligence includes visual business analytics where we discuss concepts of data mining. The course offers the process of visual analytics that also includes practices of statistics and made it simple for the students to comprehend.

The course prepared the students to work as professionals. The skills that enable the students to the foresight and take decisions accordingly, visual representation and equitably dispersion of analysis.


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3.Essential visual analytics tools include dashboards, data visualization tools, data source integration software, and collaboration tools.

In BANA 250 business intelligence assignment pertaining the required methods for the usual analytics that majorly concentrates on analytical reasoning techniques.

The course enables the students to learn different methods of visual analytics that pertain to scientific visualization, aggregation, visualization tools, etc. The visual analytical tools that are going to discuss during the period of this course stimulated the career of the students in business intelligence.

During this pandemic situation, almost every enterprise works via a business intelligence medium that encompasses visual analytics tools such as dashboards, data visualization, computational transformation, etc.

Therefore, the scope of the course gets widen enough that enhances human cognitive skills and data-driven decisions.

4. Distinguish between the various types of data visualizations and the types of information they produce.

For the effective construction of business intelligence, it is important to understand different types of data visualization and their working mechanism. As far as data visualization, its types are distinguished in nature and the course thoroughly explains the thin line difference between every type of it.

In BANA 250 business intelligence assignment, we also examine the consequences of every type of data visualization and what would the consequences of it. Every type of data visualization exhibits distinguished information and the course briefly illustrates the same.

The course includes data preparation in the form of computer information and utilizes certain information technology concepts to serve the objective of the course.


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5. Solve a data-driven problem by analyzing business data through the integration of modeling and computational skills and communicating the results of the analysis to a professional audience.

With the advancement in business management that includes data visualization, it also comes up with certain lacunas which are being examined in the course via business data.

To analyze the issues and challenges of data visualization, we are going to speculate on the concept of computational transformation and skills. In the course, we also encounter the software that renders visual analytics experience.

To solve a data-driven problem, the course includes teamwork were communication skills, new innovative ideas, and solution skills provide benefits to the students.

6. Construct BI dashboards for displaying business KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and visual reports, while developing comprehensive solutions to data-driven problems.

The course envisages the practical aspect where we instruct the students to designs a BI dashboard after learning dashboard implementation and spatial analysis during the sessions of the course. In the dashboard, a student instructs to apply all the learning tools, techniques, models, methods, and modes that are being learned during the program.

With the help of this dashboard, it shapes the ability and skills of developing a comprehensive solution to data-driven problems.

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