MSL502 Leading and Building High Performing Teams Assignment Solution UAE

MSL502 Leading and Building High Performing Teams Assignment sample UAE

The MSL502 Leading and Building high-performing teams carve this course as a backbone to every course that prepares the students to work in teams and with coordination. As every stream needs to work in committees and to deliver high-performing results for any enterprise.

The course is designed to intend for the comprehensive outlook for every stream and leading and to build the base of the company. To give a robust structure to the company requires several qualities and one of such is to lead the team with unity and coordination.

The course makes the students learn regarding teamwork and collaboration with other skills. It is one of the major skills that play an indispensable role in the functioning of any business.

The course MSL 502 Leading and building high-performing teams educates the students to handle any situation harmoniously.

The skills set by this course provides strategies, methods, other practices to resolve the interpersonal conflicts and obtain effective decision. It ensures the students not only contain professional skills but also learns about ethics.

This course offers the professional skill set for the students based on entrepreneurship and administrative competency. In the course, the students will learn about an entrepreneurial team that is dominated by variables of micro and macro in teamwork.

The course discussed various competencies and micro-foundations as to how every function is interrelated to others.


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MSL502 Leading and Building High Performing Teams Course Learning Outcomes

In the end, the student will learn the following outcomes:-

1. Discuss the concept and components of team effectiveness. Elucidate the need for teamwork for any organization to have a fruitful result.

The course provides concepts and components of team effectiveness that are important to understand leading and building high-performing teams. To work in a team, every team member should learn how to work with coordination and respecting every individual idea.

As every person has their own ability to think, act and perform the skills differently. With the help of adequate knowledge as well as information, team effectiveness could be achieved. It is important to ensure team effectiveness that proper administration should exist in any enterprise. Thevcoyrsevexolain that what is the component that makes a team effective.

Course elucidates that team effectiveness could only br possible if the leader of the team possesses leadership skills and such team works on certain fundamentals.

2.Explain the various models that involve in the course MSL 502 leading and building high-performing teams.

The course explains the models that help the person in taking appropriate decisions and models of development, model of team adaptation are some of the major models. In the models, there is a subcategory that framings kernel to ensure team developments.

The course describes all such levels such as forming, informing, storming and adjourning. All such levels assist the team to work effectively. As many times the team faces conflicts, issues and it requires to solve harmoniously.

The level of adjoining is the last stage where the team works together and experiences the last meet.


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3.How four R’s plays an indispensable apron. Critically analyze the model of team adaption.

The course illustrates a mode of team adaption where it includes maladaptive as well. It comprises four R’s that are recognized, reframes, responds, and reflects. All four R’s gives a brief overview of leading and building high-performing teams.

The responses may also consist of maladaptive, and the course envisages the way to recognize the need for change influence by internal as well external environments.

This plays a major role in determining the growth of the team, what factors affect the team performance, how the team can work effectively and, members of the team search for indicators to go for adaption.

4. Explain the significance of teamwork and mode the l of development.

The team comprises more than one member and requires coordination, self-analysis harmonious relations between them. And all such factors need to be considered significant. The models of development and other models are the ways to strengthen the performance of the team.

Teamwork plays a significant role to reduce the conflicts between them and provides a way to work in the best possible manner. The team that works effectively provides more productivity and growth to the company.

Therefore, this course plays an important role in building a company with a robust base. Every company runs with a hardworking team and the course explains the significance of team development to enhance the growth of any enterprise.


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5.How the course proves to be beneficial for any enterprise in enhancing its revenue figure and make a robust growth.

The course offers a way to be beneficial and to identify the components to team effectiveness. The course leading and building high-performing teams proves to be productive as it provides an understanding of the necessity of every team member.

It is important to note that the course critically evaluates the activity and the performance of every remembers individually.

The course designed by the specialist of Abu Dhabi University encompasses skills to manage the working mechanism of the company.

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