BUS200-Business Statistics and Research Methods Assignment Example UAE

BUS200- Business Statistics and Research Methods Assignment sample UAE

Statistics is one of the core area business which plats an indispensable role in the growth and revenue generation of the company. This course BUS200 business statistics and research methods is all about the statistics that widely use in business and certain other methods that to be beneficial in business.

The course introduces certain key concepts to the students that give a brief overview as to what is meant to be statistics and how it going to work. As major statistics concepts also include certain mathematical fundamentals and business statistics includes the same.

The course prepares the students not only from a business statistics point of view but also to explain the fundamentals of mathematics that into use at a professional level.

The course includes practical teachings as well where faculties instruct the students to prepare a report based on data given. This gives a comprehensive knowledge of data information, statistics, variables, etc.

BUS200 Business Statistics and Research Methods Assignment bestows extensive information to the students. In the end, students are going to learn:-


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BUS200Business Statistics and Research Methods course Learning Outcomes

1. Critically analyze the extent of mathematical fundamentals in business statistics.

It is commonly known from the initial classes that mean, median and mode see some of the basics in statistics that form a part of mathematics streams. But later on such concepts firm a separate part in two different areas, firstly in a business known as business statistics and second in mathematics. The course BUS200 is concerned about business statistics and various research methods that going to be discussed. The course also explains and examines the magnitude of mathematical dimensions in business statistics.

As statistics includes numbers and integration of such numbers for data but it might be meaningless. Statistics is the collection, organizing, and interpreting of data to make decisions effectively. No enterprise could able to generate more revenue if the result of statistics appears to be accurate.

2. Discuss various types and statistics research methods that inculcate in the ambit of research methods.

The research method concept in business statistics is so vast that it could not be explained totally but this course BUS200 business statistics and research methods assignment discuss various types of commonly descriptive as well as inferential methods. Moreover, the course also confer subcategorization in both these types that include graphs, numerical summaries, confidence interval, and significance test

These types affect the business statistics model and provide support to it. Descriptive methods include certain statistical I gradients such as mean, median, and mode whereas the inference methods help the business to take an effective decision, and gradually this method comes into use globally.


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3. Elucidate the importance of course at the professional level and for any corporation.

Business statistics is all about the data and numbers and when such data gives meaningful and productive results, it forms a part of statistical. The proven results of business statistics in strengthening the growth of any enterprise give a globally accepted course for business, economics, and maths students. The subject matter of the course makes it an indispensable area of their major streams that are economics, mathematics, and business. The accuracy of the field makes it more significant and business statistics is all about precision.

Yet, more exactness leads to enhancement of the revenue and profit margin of any enterprise. The course includes ethical concepts as well that make this professional more dignified and explains the working mechanism at a professional level.

4. Business cannot run without data, explain the role of variables in business statistics.

In this course, BUS200 Business statistics and research methods assignment are inclusive of all the data, variables, and its working procedure I’m business statistics. The course also talks about the difference between population and sample that is one of the consists to assists the values I’m business statistics. In any survey or examination of variable, such difference plays a distinguished role. The course also explains quantitative qualitative types of business statistics and research methods that are also subcategorized and briefly explained.

The course explains the difference between both the types as one is non-numeric and the other is numeric value respectively. The progress of the company depends upon whether such a company opts for both qualitative and quantitative types of business statistics or anyone.


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5. A brief overview of levels of meant that is going to use to assess the quantitative phenomena.

In BUS200 Business statistics and research methods gives a momentary glance if four levels of measurement that include nominal, ordinal, ratio, and interval. All the four-level of measurement possess distinguish meanings and course elaborated the thin line difference between all four. Majorly, the thin line difference between interval and ordinal is going discuss during the program. All the levels use differently in business statistics and research methods. As an instance interval level of measurement talks about temperature and dress size.

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