Entrepreneurship Innovation Principles Essay Sample

Principles of Innovation in Entrepreneurship Essay Sample

As a student, you need to make lots of speculation to write down assignments. Undoubtedly it becomes hectic for you as you have to both study and complete assignments. You need to do lots of work for the assignment like research, validate the facts and then start writing. But why waste time when you have to write an essay with the help of experts in the UAE. We help you cover the management topic like one found in the management syllabus of UAE such as innovation management and principles related to that.

An idea of innovation management

Talking about innovation management, it is the study to manage innovative ideas. Well, it is a process when a fresh idea is cultivated and nurtured unless it takes a real course. Innovation management presents tools where both the manager and other workers do share a common thought to reach that set goal. It also leverages the organization to use both internal and external opportunities to craft refined products.


Entrepreneurs devise new thoughts to enhance the revenue shares but to get that in reality he or she needs to invest in creating fresh products.


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Contribution of innovation management in business

Here we will talk a bit about the privileges that you can expect to get from the innovation in management study

  • Use the creative method to solve any kind of problem in business
  • Use new methods and processes to enhance the activity on the work front.
  • Projecting the qualities of the staff and highlighting the values that the business follows.
  • Staying above the crowd as an innovative business creator.
  • Motivating the morale of the employees so that their performance gets improved.

The vital attributes of innovation management

Capability: –

Capability defines the resources and abilities that the organization uses for creating products, and then managing that innovated product with the help of team members. It also includes the exclusive insights and practical efficiency of the people working in a company.

Structure: –

To make the capability work properly you need to concentrate on the structure of the company. Speaking of structure the organizational infrastructure means a lot. An adequate structure will act as a force permitting the company to work more fruitfully. Also, there has to be a proper way to communicate and without which the chance of implementing fresh ideas goes down the drain. One more thing organizations need to know is that teams involved in innovation management need to speed up and adapt to the change as soon as possible.

Culture: –

Culture also plays a key character in innovation management. Talking about the culture the organization needs to hire the right set of employees to set the culture in the right way. A proactive culture always encourages the employees to strive for the better. They should learn to work with speed and experiment before finalizing a product. Motivating the employees with heart-winning words will be a great move and not discouraging them about failure. Finally awards the employees with immense freedom and accountability so that they can have the right vision.

Strategy: –

The company needs to follow the defined strategies to achieve success in the long run. The company should make sure that the strategy should be about winning therefore the right execution is very much necessary.


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What are the various Tools of innovation management?

Talking about the tools of innovation management here we have made a brief list of that

  • Tools for managing knowledge
  • Techniques of market intelligence
  • Management technique for dealing with Human Resource’s
  • Techniques to enhance creativity
  • Designing and developing products
  • The process to improve techniques
  • Tools to create and manage business

Insight on the various Principles of innovation management

The principles of innovation management were devised with a vision that companies should follow these ideas to work efficaciously. So here we have conscripted the principle pointers.

Understanding the value

Firstly the company needs to analyze the values from both non-financial and financial perspectives. Then they should move on to adopt and deploy the transformed solutions as per the requirement of the parties.

Focused and dedicated leaders

You should know that company leaders irrespective of their designation are mostly influenced by curiosity. That is why they are in a position to challenge the present one by creating a purpose and vision that will inspire others. Naturally, they act as real motivators for others.

Explore insights

Different types of internal as well as external methods are involved to get organized and insightful information.

Tackle uncertainties

Companies do analyze uncertain risks and those are tackled excellently using organized experimentation and repetitive process.

Adapting capability

An organization might go through a change and such change can be adapted through competency, structures, a realization of value models to increase the chance of innovation.

The approach of the systems

An organization needs to take the right approach to accomplish the innovation management plan. They need to check out the performance of the employees on regular basis and stay in contact for the enhancement of the company.

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