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Restaurant Business Plan in the UAE

A Restaurant Business Plan is a kind of road map which helps in the establishment of a successful restaurant. Many students found writing a business plan to be quite a difficult task. Therefore, students generally seek help for writing a perfect business plan. In case you are also searching for assignment writers for writing an MBA assignment then you are in the right place.

Important elements which we have included in our sample business plan are

1.Executive summary




5.Market segmentation

6.Start-up summary

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Below is a sample by seeing which you will able to write a business plan for all types of organizations. Some of the important elements which you should include in your restaurant business plan:

Executive summary of the business plan

Before starting to write a business plan, first, you need to write an executive summary. See the below sample for getting an idea for writing an executive summary in a business plan.

This restaurant business plan is for Maiden shanghai restaurant in Dubai. It will be basically a new medium-size restaurant that will be located in Al Mussallah Rd Downtown Dubai, Near Souk Al Bahar Bridge, UAE. It would be basically a restaurant serving organic and creative ethnic food items. Sustainable development is the main motive for serving ethnic and organic food. Local produce raw material will be used for producing food to minimize their dependence on fossil fuels which is mainly utilized for transportation.


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Keys to success

Maiden shanghai restaurant will offer creative ethnic food services. It will be a fun place for enjoying delicious food in a social environment. Team of chef those who have expertise in preparing food using ethnic ingredient will be employed. The chef will only be responsible for placing the order of raw products. The main purpose of serving ethnic recipes is to provide clients with a diverse and unusual menu. Our chefs will have a focus on providing healthy dishes to customers. They will also have a focus on designing the menu considering the trends in the restaurant industry in the UAE.


Management in Maiden shanghai perceives that market can be segmented into four groups which they intend to target. The first customer group which they aim to target are people belonging to rich families. The second target group is young happy customers. The third target customer group is those people who prefer to consume organic food. The next target is women who prefer to consume healthy food.


Maiden Shanghai has a strong management team. There will be one general manager for administrating all business activities. One employee will be appointed as a finance manager who will be responsible for maintaining all financial and accounting records. Such a person would be appointed as a finance manager who has accounting knowledge and financial control skills. One manager will also be appointed for managing the back-end production of the restaurant.

Strict financial control strategy management in Maiden Shanghai will implement which is important for accomplishing financial success. A restaurant will also offer high-quality service and creative food items. Maiden shanghai does not intend to increase the rate of the menu. A premium pricing strategy will be adopted by the organization in exchange for goods or services.

Objectives of Shanghai Restaurant Business Plan

  • The main objective of Maiden shanghai is to achieve sales of $300 K.
  • To minimize the personal costs to a minimum of $300 during the first year.


Maiden Shanghai is a great place to eat ethical and creative food items. An organization also has an excellent atmosphere. The main mission of an enterprise is to earn a high profit for the owner.

Include a summary of the organization in the business plan

Maiden Shanghai will be a medium-sized restaurant. Employees in an organization will concentrate on serving the best quality of organic and creative food. We will locate a restaurant in Al Mussallah Rd Downtown Dubai, Near Souk Al Bahar Bridge, UAE. An organization’s main motive is to accomplish financial success along with providing customers with high-quality services and clean food.

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Ownership of enterprise

It will be basically a sole proprietor business. The owner will responsible for managing and controlling business activities.

Start-up summary

Smith is the main founder of Maiden Shanghai restaurant. The owner of the restaurant will mainly emphasize financial and personal issues. Smith has completed his under graduation from Emirates academy UAE. It is basically an international and hotel management academic institution which offers bachelor’s and master’s degree in international hospitality management.

We will take land on lease for establishing Maiden Shanghai restaurant. The land will be taken on lease for $ 3000 per month. The place is already equipped as a restaurant so we plan to come up with a total of $450,000 in the capital, plus a $110,000 SBA-guaranteed loan, to start up the company.

 Provide detail of services offerings in the restaurant business plan

Delivering Quality services is important to attract and retain customers for a long time. Maiden Shanghai will offer varied services such as an ethnic menu, organic ingredients, and recipes to customers. The different services which Maiden shanghai restaurant will offer are:


Chefs in Maiden shanghai will serve simple food made up of organic ingredients. There will be little but constant changes in the menu. The new menu will be designed considering the recommendations of chefs. It will help us in minimizing waste.

Organic ingredients

We are planning to include organic food items on the menu as it will help us in targeting extremely wealthy Internet entrepreneurs who are looking to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

Ethnic ingredients and recipes

We will design a menu considering cultures prevailing in different parts of the world. Our chefs will utilize the traditional, authentic ingredients which are important for hooding true various interesting cultural recipes’.

Interior Accouterments

The interior of the restaurant will be quite interesting. It will reflect the world influences which are core to the attitude of Maiden shanghai chef.

 Specify market segmentation strategy in the business plan

Marketing segmentation is basically a categorization of the market based on geographic, demographic, behavioral, and psychographic. Geographic market segmentation includes the categorization of the market based on location. Customers in the market can also be categorized based on behavior which is also known as behavioral segmentation. Demographic segmentation includes dividing customers’ groups into small segments based on age. About psychographic segmentation, customers are categorized based on lifestyle. Management in Maiden shanghai using both behavioral and psychographic market segmentation strategies. They are targeting lonely rich, young people, and dieting women for offering their products or services.

Lonely rich

It would be very much easy for us to target lonely rich people. As people prefer to buy food rather than preparing at home. Lonely rich people spend their money on drinks, appetizers, and tips. Therefore, Management in the organization is assuming that such a target group of customers will make a significant contribution to earning high profitability by the organization.

Young happy couples

Maiden shanghai restaurant will have such an environment that will positively influence people to bring dates. It will be basically a social place where people can have meetings.

Dieting women

Add organic food items to our menu while developing a restaurant business plan. It will help us in attracting dieting women. We will include delicious low-fat meals on our menu. In our restaurant, there will be tables where people can have meetings.

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