Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Essay Example

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Essay

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Abu Dhabi national oil organization belongs to the largest Emirate of Abu Dhabi which is the capital of the UAE. It has emerged after the independence of the UAE. ADNOC is among the largest oil organization in UAE. An organization has achieved 10th rank in the world in terms of revenue.

The structure of the Abu Dhabi national oil enterprise is that it is a parent firm that consists of 3 more business units. Enterprise has 17 subsidiary organizations that efficiently provide services. The business entity is completely owned and managed by the government. The firm operates business activities according to government policies. Abu Dhabi national oil organization has different fuel stations and drilled machinery for working efficiently. The maximum output in the growth of economic stability comes from the Abu Dhabi organization. The business entity works both offshore and onshore. The mission of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is to supply the best goods and services for satisfying customers.

An organization has developed special policies about safety hazards. Management in the firm takes all essential steps for protecting the environment from being degraded because of its business activities. A company has several technical institutions and colleges offering oil refinery courses.

Presently Abu Dhabi’s national oil company is still shining besides facing a crisis at a global level. ADNOC is basically the backbone of UAE and particularly for Emirates of Abu Dhabi.


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Detailed overview of Abu Dhabi company

Abu Dhabi is basically a very successful and reputable firm. The business entity is well known for delivering quality services and products. ADNOC concentrates on the quality of products or services. An organization has developed 7 fuel terminals that provide 400 vehicles. There are approx. 3000 employees who have been assigned responsibilities to handle 150 service stations.

Mission of enterprise

Management in Abu Dhabi national oil enterprise mainly emphasizes its policies. The mission of ADNOC is to achieving a leading position in the industry by implementing effective strategies. Few requirements in the organization’s mission are it urges for bringing drastic improvement in the quality of its products or services. Management for accomplishing desired business objectives need to emphasize developing a professional relationship with customers across the gulf region. The business entity is not at all ready to compromise with quality and honesty.

Goals of Abu Dhabi national oil company

The main goal of an enterprise is to target people in the Gulf nation. Management in an organization also stood up for the fight against global warming problems and human hazards. Being a petroleum enterprise, Abu Dhabi takes cautious steps of not indulging in any fossil fuel unprotected activities. Management in an organization is mainly concentrating on protecting the life cycle. The main goal of Abu Dhabi is to develop and work in a healthy safe environment. An enterprise for accomplishing the desired goal is launching a separate project.


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Good or services offered by the company

ADNOC is basically a group of energy and petrochemical organization. Its main business is to find, produce, and market the natural resources oil on which the modern world depends. Some business activities of ADNOC are:

  • Exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas
  • Refinement
  • Marketing
  • Supply and transportation
  • Manufacture of petrochemicals

Economic analysis of Abu Dhabi national oil company

In an economic context, Abu Dhabi is a very good example of gross domestic progress. Because of high profits in oil exports and lubricants, Company has made the gulf region achieve the sixth rank globally in the economic league. Despite the economic downturn in the nation, the national oil company has able to save 20 percent from its project. This has led the economics of the emirates as well as of the company to huge growth.

Social analysis

ADNOC organization has a sense of social responsibility. An organization mainly works for the benefit of the country and shareholders. We can highlight the social problems & behavior of Abu Dhabi through its immense contribution towards the petroleum institute along with many social sponsors.

 Environmental analysis

Management in the Abu Dhabi organization has understood that it has to take a beneficial step for maintaining the health of the environment. An organization has launched a health and safety environmental project which will safeguard the health hazard presently and in the future.


The overall conclusion is that the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company is completely managed by the government. Another fact which has been found is that business activities of ADNOC are regulated by policies made by supreme councils. An organization is highly socially responsible. It has also been concluded that ADNOC is crowned with excellence because it has worked on health, safety, and environmental issues.

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