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Social Problems in the UAE

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Social Problems in uae


Social Problems are those issues that have a significant influence on all people in society. Social issues have both direct and indirect effect on the people in the society. Some of the social issues which are taking place in developing and under-developing society are crime, illiteracy, poverty, etc. other issues in society are taking place due to immigration. Discrimination, child abuse, injustice, etc. are other major issues existing in society. All these social problems have an adverse influence on people. These social issues also have an adverse and significant influence on customs, norms, values, traditions. Even a complete social system gets disrupted because of such social problems.

UAE is a continent that comprises several countries that are completely developed. It is a social change that gives rise to social issues such as drug abuse. In the UAE, the younger generation is becoming a victim of the problem, as they are suffering from some kind of depression.

Another biggest issue which people in the UAE are facing is discrimination. The issue of discrimination in the UAE is increasing since Dubai has become a multicultural society. Social change in society has an adverse influence on society. Because of changes in family values, it has become almost impossible for people to hold a relationship. In the context of UAE, clubbing, bad nutrition, smoking, alcoholism are few issues that young generations are facing. Young generations are also facing health issues. In addition to all these issues, terrorism and smuggling of drugs are the one major societal issue which people in UAE are facing.

Because of widespread and unimaginable development in UAE, a big change has taken place at the community level which has given rise to major social issues. There has been a great increase in the divorce rate.

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Current social problems in UAE

UAE has achieved tremendous growth during the last few years. Unexpected growth has taken place because of changes in external factors or environment which has further given rise to social issues. About the UAE, some major social issues which people in UAE are suffering from include:


It is a social problem that has become a major issue for people in the UAE. Obesity is basically an excessive increase in the fat of the human body. It has an adverse influence on the health of a person. Obesity can give rise to other major health issues or deadly diseases such as heart attack, cancer, etc.

Genetics is considered to be the major cause of obesity. It means that obesity could be in the genes of a person. Other causes of obesity could be overeating, consumption of junk food. Most of the populations in the countries of UAE are suffering from the issue of obesity. The main reason for the problem is that most of the people in the UAE have a busy work schedule. They don’t have time to exercise. Because of busy working schedules, people prefer to eat junk food which has a negative influence on their health.

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a social problem that almost all countries in the world are facing. It is basically a serious health illness issues which are causing approx. 40 million deaths every year. The main cause of the issue is depression whose rate is very high in a developed nation. As people have to work very hard for fulfilling their basic needs they suffer from a high level of stress. All members of the families are busy earning money people feel lonely and they consume the drug for overcoming loneliness.

In the context of the UAE, the young generation is highly prone to the issue of drug abuse. The main cause of drug abuse is bad social gatherings. Along with drug abuse, other issues such as alcoholism and smoking are also increasing at a very rapid rate.

Drug abuse has an adverse and significant influence on a person’s life and health. A person addicted to drugs may become a victim of financial issues. As they become too much addicted to drugs that they lose their potential to have control over their spending. Such people spend a huge amount of money buying drugs. It is because of the excessive use of drugs because which person can get engage themselves in criminal activities.

High divorce rate

It is the biggest social problem that people in the UAE are facing. The main reason for the high rate of divorces in the country is that the traditional rules of marriage are changing because of the working women scenario and also the joint family system has ended which makes it difficult for women to handle their entire household plus professional life and thus the relationship between husband and wife badly disturbs making it difficult for them to continue to live together and divorces happens as a result.

Another main reason for the high divorce rate in the nation is marriage at an early age. At that time the couple is not able to understand each other and their maturity level to handle marriage is low. So they easily move towards the path of divorce.

Divorce is a social issue that has a great and negative influence on a complete family and also on children. Because of their parents’ divorce, children become very sensitive and emotionally unstable.

The high cost of living

Living cost in UAE is basically very much high. As UAE has reached a high level of living standards that it has become quite difficult for expatriates to live there, as they have low income.

In addition to this, communication costs in the UAE are also too high as compared to other nations. The rate of properties is also very high in Dubai and other developed nations of the UAE. Household accommodations, clothing, furniture, and appliances are also expensive so it’s hard for a person with normal income to live there.

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Racial discrimination as a Social issue in UAE

As people from different parts of the world are shifting to Dubai for doing business or getting a job belongs to different races, religion, and cast. Therefore, the UAE has become a multicultural society. In multicultural society issues of racial discrimination often takes place.

In the UAE, many organizations give less pay to people belonging to different countries. A high workload is also given to foreigners. Great discrimination in the context of race and nationality in the workplace there is a high level of dissatisfaction among employees.

Social Problems caused because of  Expatriates

Because of the high development rate, many people are attracted to the UAE. A large number of people are shifting to UAE and leaving their native nation. Expatriates generally get attracted to investment and employment opportunities of the nation where they intend to shift.

An increase in the number of expatriates in the nation is creating problems for the government in the nation. Countries in the UAE are becoming overpopulated due to a continuous rise in the number of expatriates. When so many expatriates come and settle in to the country the major problem of homogeneous society occurs. And in such a multicultural society several issues of discrimination can take place too.


Many people are residing in the UAE who are expatriates. They may or may not be living with their families in the UAE. If in case, such people are living alone then due to continuous work they may suffer from depression. Such people can also have a mental illness. With the rapid development in the nation, the concept of family has been completely changed. Now people in the UAE have no time to spend with their families. It has been perceptions of people that in a developed nation, people have to work really hard for earning a good amount of money. People also believe that in a developed nation, a good amount of money is required for fulfilling basic requirements.


The overall conclusion drawn from the above is that divorce is a social issue, along with drug abuse and alcoholism which is significantly affecting people in UAE. Another fact which has been discovered is that social issues are rising among families, communities, workplaces, etc. It has also been concluded from the above is that smoking is the second major social issue of high concern in UAE.

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