Tourism in UAE Essay Example

Tourism in UAE Essay Sample for College Students

In this essay, we will discuss about tourism in the UAE, its importance, and its impact.

According to Morakabati (2013), the tourism industry of UAE has grown over the past few years, and efforts to make it more appropriate and suitable for business travelers, recreation, and international leisure. Dubai has been well known for its ultra-modern shopping malls, hotels, entertainment, and restaurants. The increasing development in Dubai’s Tourism industry has contributed to the growth of UA.E’s Economy. Moreover, UAE’s tourism industry has improved over time, unlike global tourism that has gradually declined due to the severe economic downturn that affected the world in 2008 and 2009 (Morakabati, 2013). A report was published by the world travel and tourism council in November 2017 stating that UAE ranks 21st in tourism due to its positive influence on the GDP. 

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Role of Tourism in UAE Economy

According to the report, the tourism of UAE increased its GDP to 19.7 billion dollars, whereas the global average remained at 20.1$ billion. Furthermore, there are around 316,500 jobs in the tourism industry of UAE, and the sector is responsible for 5.5 percent of the total employment. Moreover, employment opportunities will arise in the future due to the growing developments in the tourism industry of the UAE.

The importance of tourism in the UAE

Tourism is a socio-cultural phenomenon that has intensified with technological development and the advancement of communication and transport systems. There are many advantages of tourism. The tourism in UAE is perfect up to a certain level, but there are some drawbacks to tourism in UAE. As tourism employs many people in UAE through bars, hotels, tourist guides to increase employment and more hotels and bars should be opened by the government of UAE. Increment in jobs can boost the economy at a rapid rate which further leads to the growth of the UAE. 

Role of Government in Tourism in the UAE

The UAE government should open many factories because tourism in UAE provides indirect employment in terms of workers of the factory that helps in producing goods and services in the economy. Besides, that helps in meeting the demand of the population in tourism. To promote tourism in the UAE, the government should give various offers to the tourists like a discount on the packages during the tourist season and festivals in UAE. The main problem in UAE is security for tourism. More tourism in UAE will lead to more and more development of the country.

Impact of Tourism in UAE

The tourism sector has its impact on all the other sectors and the economy in the UAE.

The positive impact of Tourism

Some of the positive impacts are:

  • Increment in employment
  • Improvement in GDP
  • Diversification in UAE Economy and culture
  • Encouragement in socio-political activities with other countries

The negative impact of Tourism in the UAE

Some of the tourists and the resident people have some problems from the increment in tourism. One of the problems is environmental pollution like the destruction of forests, noise, and air pollution that harms the health of the local people of UAE. Consequently, a decrement has taken place in the tourism industry in UAE. The negative impacts of the tourism sector can affect the position and reputation of the country.


Some suggestions for the drawbacks in tourism are, the tourism in UAE causes pollution which damages the environment so control measures for pollution like noise and air should be taken by the government as the use of CNG more than petrol and diesel. 

The conclusion that allows us to make the best move to take our tourism sector to the sky heights is to maintain the tourist places to attract more and more people towards it. The United Arab Emirates is famous for the shopping festival that attracts people to take part in it from other countries.

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