UAE Flag Day Essay

The UAE Flag Day Essay Sample

In this sample, we will discuss the UAE flag day, its significance, and its history.

The UAE flag is a symbol of pride for Emiratis, and it is more than a mere symbol of the state.  Moreover, The UAE Flag Day is commemorated on 3 November every year since it was first launched in 2013 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The day marks the anniversary of the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan when he became the president of the UAE in 2004.

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Significance of Country National Flags

Flags probably started as relatively simple banners before evolving in shape and significance. Compared to other emblems, they were easy to make. They fluttered in the wind and attracted attention with their life-like motion. They were light to carry and easy to stow. Flags quickly became the method of choice for transmitting and communicating intentions, values, and ideas.

Flags are powerful even outside the national context. The white flag is the universal sign of surrender, and green means safety while red invariably is dangerous. This nomenclature has been hardwired into human history and psychology and creates visceral and instant reactions. Flags are far faster and more powerful a means of communication than putting up a written sign.

When performing national duty, flags are equally important. Their worth comes not from the material used to make them nor from the aesthetics and art they adorn. Most national flags are straightforward geometric affairs. Flags borrow their raw power and sacred appeal from their ability to communicate the unchanging characteristics of the UAE. Flags visually depict the people, politics, and founding values of a country.

Meaning of the Colors of the UAE Flag

The UAE flag is aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical to look. It comprises pan-Arab colors – or colors that are common to the Arab world. Green, white and red stripes run horizontally across the flag, while a red stripe makes it vertical way down the inside border.

Here’s what those colors mean:

  • Red: Running down the side of the flag represents courage, bravery, and strength. It showcases the ability to fight for what’s right and to defend what must safeguard.
  • Green: The top green stripe running horizontally across the flag counterbalances the warlike red. It stands for hope, joy, and love. It symbolizes prosperity and fertility. Green is also representative of Islam, the official religion of the UAE.
  • White: White is to reflect many attributes – all of them good. Throughout history, white has stood for purity. It represents peace and honesty but also signifies cleanliness. Historians believe that the white in the UAE flag reflects peace and neutrality, serving as a counterpoint to the more militant red and black.
  • Black: Black is the color of solidarity. Besides, It is the color of mental strength. It signifies the defeat of enemies – complementing the red stripe on the flag. Some sources have mistakenly attributed this band to depicting the UAE’s oil reserves, but that is incorrect.

History of UAE flag Day

The flag, the length of which is twice the width, was designed In 1971 by a young Emirati, Abdullah Mohammed Al Maainah.

Al Maainah intended the four colors to reflect Arabian unity, the theme of which appears In the two stanzas of an Arabic poem by Safiul Din Al Holi. Who described deeds of benevolence, goodness, and kindness. The poet wrote about the hard-fought historical battles of the land, with deeds and intentions that were white, meaning benign, but the vigor of the battles was black, meaning strong, while the lands were vast and green, and the gallant swords stains with red blood Al Maainah. Who held the post of plenipotentiary minister at the UAE foreign ministry after creating his country flag. He had submitted his design to a flag competition, beating as many as 1.300 contestants to take the princely Dh4,000 prize.

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