Personality Traits Among Doctors and Nurses in Covid Essay Sample

Personality Traits of Doctors and Nurses in Covid Essay

In this example essay, we will discuss the personality traits of Doctors and Nurses during the Covid pandemic.

COVID-19 pandemic has altered the health and life of around 1 million people worldwide. That puzzled many healthcare policies and changes healthcare providers like doctors and nurses fighting with covid. Investigating the problems that these frontline workers meet throughout the battle will encourage them and make rules and strategies to improve their preparation. Therefore, this integrative analysis will cover the concerns facing doctors during their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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The primary issues confronting nurses and doctors in this crisis are the lack of beds, medical supplies, nurses, and medical staff, involving personal safety equipment. Moreover, as reports show, psychological concerns and anxieties of infection amongst covid worker. Applications of these conclusions may assist and recognize the essentials of covid warriors in all concerned nations to assure that they fight with the Covid crisis more confidently.

Roles and responsibilities of doctors and nurses during covid in UAE

The nursing crew of the multiple healthcare services on the frontlines of fighting the global pandemic play a crucial role in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Consisting of operational, technical, and healthcare workers of the nursing staff in the UAE has shown a significant level of dedication and committed focus, efforts, and time to fight the COVID-19.

 The UAE leadership enabled the frontline workers and motivated them to provide exceptional care to the covid patients.

UAE female nurses worked in many healthcare departments and on the frontlines. They addressed their commitment, dedication, and contribution to fighting with covid. The brave role of the frontline workers indicated that nurses must care for the victims, assure their comfort and recovery. 

Importance of doctors and nurses during Covid in Dubai

Doctors perform a vital part of an active reply to the COVID-19 pandemic. They hold significant roles in containment, diagnosis, and treatment. Their dedication to healing Covid patients despite personal risks is required for a prosperous public health acknowledgment. Frontline workers must be encountering personal risk, huge work volume, and societal pressure. Doctors have powerful duties and also obligations to a particularized group of peoples.

During a crisis, the liabilities arising from covid worker’s various roles might often develop conflict, and the dilemma with several accounts of the works of covid experts is that people neglect to recognize these pressures and considering covid workers as multiple attorneys.


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Changes in personality traits of doctors and nurses in covid

The common personality traits needed in a doctor or nurse are investigator, empathetic, persuasive, compassionate, kind, and caring. But the Covid-19 pandemic has added some other personality traits to become the corona warriors. These traits are:

Tackling the covid with fewer resources

Healthcare workers have faced many roadblocks while tackling the covid crisis, such as insufficient beds, lack of skilled medical staff, lack of medicines and vaccines, gradually increasing patients, and many more. Despite fewer resources, our corona warriors are doing their best to defeat the novel coronavirus.

Handling work pressure

The doctors and nurses are working 24×7 since day one after the Covid. The work pressure on them is higher than ever. The pressure is not only on treating their patients but keeping them positive also. The doctors and nurses simultaneously need to take care of themselves as well.

Emphasizing with patients

The covid workers should be able to understand the situation of their patients to treat them well. They need to create a positive environment at the workplace so that all the patients and staff stay patient and understand their role in fighting the covid.

Awareness of Covid

The covid has shown us the time that we have never imagined. It took almost a year to make a vaccine for the covid. The symptoms are not yet clear. Those can vary from person to person and seasonally as well. So, corona frontline warriors need to stay aware of the recent changes in the covid genetics, treatment process, and various vaccines.

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