Cultural Diversity in UAE

Cultural Diversity in UAE 

In this essay, we will discuss cultural diversity in UAE and its impact.

The UAE is a multicultural society that reflects the diversity of the UAE. However, with strong governmental support towards preserving traditions and heritage, the UAE is bound to make inroads sooner or later. The UAE has a rich culture and heritage that reflects traditional Arab and Islamic values. During its short history of 46 years, Emirati people proved that it is possible to create a proud state that has grown into a center of business, tourism, and multicultural, multi-religious, the multilingual nucleus of varied traditions and home to ex-pats from all over the world. More than 200 nationalities can coexist and at the same time influence each other. The UAE has become a multi-ethnic, globalized environment with a very liberal approach to integration. 

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Examples of diversity in culture in the UAE

  • Race, Ethnic Groups, and Culture Race: generally refers to a group with similar inherited features. Ethnic group: refers to a group that shares language, national origin, or religious tradition. Culture refers to the behaviors and beliefs characteristic shared by a group of people. The ideas and behaviors of an ethnic group, for example, are part of their culture.
  • The Changing UAE Population According to the Census Bureau, the United Arab Emirates Is one of the countries in the world representing almost every group that has its origin in another country.
  • Sixty years of Change Total UAE. Population, 2000, by ethnic group Ethnic groups Emirati 19%, other Arab 23%, South Asian 50%, other expatriates (includes Westerners and East Asians) 8% (1982) note: less than 20% are UAE citizens (1980) 2013 Emiratis are 11.5%.
  •  Broaden Your Diversity Vista Make all people and groups feel welcome, including those with differences in age or ability.

Celebration of cultural diversity in UAE

The UAE will celebrate World Day for Cultural Diversity on 21 may for Dialogue and Development to highlight its efforts in promoting tolerance and cultural diversity.

The event will coincide with the country’s declaration of 2019 as the Year for Tolerance and its hosting of many related events which witnessed the signing of the Human Fraternity Document.

The UAE’s cultural diversity drives its economic, social, and intellectual development in light of over 200 nationalities living together in harmony.

The UAE’s cultural diversity is based on the values of tolerance ingrained in its government work, which lead to the establishment, in 2017, of the first Ministry of Tolerance. Social justice, the rule of law, and social equality in the UAE also strengthen its cultural diversity.

The young nation has succeeded in dealing with all forms of cultural globalization through science and intellect. The UAE community is living a unique and luxurious lifestyle that has made it the most desirable destination for Arab youth to live and work in for the eighth consecutive year, according to an Arab youth opinion poll conducted by ‘ASDA’A BCW’ in 2019.

Impact of diversity in culture in UAE

With such a cosmopolitan mix of people, the UAE has an incredibly diverse culture but still retains strong Arab and Islamic influences. This diversity is reflected everywhere in the music, cuisine, attire, and architecture.

To keep the heritage and culture of the UAE alive in this fast-changing life, There are different events throughout the year organized by the Emirates Heritage Club, such as camel races, dhow races, and longboat races. Other events such as lectures, exhibitions, and theatrical displays arrange to encourage an interest in this young country with a very ancient history.

The scattering of mosques around the country means the Muslims are called to prayer five times a day by the sound of the adhan coming from the minarets. 


Living in the unique and multicultural environment of the United Arab Emirates requires delicacy and mutual understanding. Successful communication depends on awareness of cultural discrepancy, tolerance, and respect for diversity. This modern cosmopolitan country offers something exceptional global citizenship that cannot be awarded but earned through commitment, constant widening perspectives, and learning how to cooperate. Notwithstanding the differences between us, we see the light at the end of the tunnel – we already peacefully coexist and do not mind misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

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