Impact of Social Movements and NGO’s on Upholding of Human rights Essay Sample

Impact of Social Movements and NGOs on Upholding of Human Rights Essay, UAE

In this essay, we will be briefing about the impact of social movements and NGOs on upholding human rights in the UAE.

UAE is a non-democratic federation of 7 states. All these states follow the constitution of the UAE. The UAE constitution does not hold democratically elected parties and does not allow the citizens to change the government or forming any political party.
However, the UAE has given some rights to the public. These human rights include Speech of Freedom, Human trafficking, Freedom of religion, Labour and Migrant rights, Women’s rights, and prostitution.  

Besides government keep violating the law and order that protects these rights.

To protect human rights, numerous NGOs and Social Movements are running in the UAE. Moreover, these NGOs are continuously fighting against the UAE Government to preserve their rights.

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Social Movements and NGOs on upholding human rights

In a non-democratic country like UAE, it is difficult to raise a voice against human rights abuse. Hence, many social movements and NGOs are running in the UAE to upholding human rights.

Social Movements

Social movements are coordinated efforts of a loose group of social people to attain a specific goal, typically a political or social one.

Thie movement can be take off, counter, or invalidate a social or political change. In social movements involvement of individuals, organizations, or both are typical.

Some of the social movements running in the UAE are as follows:

  • Green is the color of the peace movement
  • Human Rights Watch 


NGOs(Non-Government Organizations) are organizations independent of government involvement. 

NGO is an organization’s subgroup founded by public individuals like clubs and unions that cater to their members and others.

However, NGOs are generally nonprofit or charitable organizations and are engaged in humanitarianism or social issues.

NGOs active in the UAE on upholding human rights are:

  • The Emirates Centre for Human Rights (ECHR)
  • International Federation of Humanitarian

What are these NGOs and Social Movements doing?

NGOs and Social Movements are making numerous efforts to preserve human rights in the UAE. They have many volunteers and great leaders, along with backed up by other countries’ organizations.

They are dedicated to their goal to empower UAE citizens.

They do various tasks to fulfill their goal, including:

  • Campaigning 
  • Building strong connections within media, parliaments, and similar organizations outside the UAE
  • Promoting the pursuit of human rights and highlighting abuses 
  • Offering cultural services to protect different culture
  • Spreading awareness about human rights via Digital media, social media campaigning, events, organizing street plays in school/college 
  • Leading and Conducting meetings with government leaders to uphold human rights in UAE
  • Empowering citizens to raise their voice against human rights abuse
  • Providing a platform to listen and resolve complaints regarding human rights violation


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Impact of NGOs and Social Movements on upholding of Human Rights

 The impact of social movements and NGOs on upholding human rights is going positively but has not been overwhelming. 

Now, people are more aware of their rights, coming with them to volunteer, some leaders and media also supporting them with funds or campaigning. Moreover, Schools and college students take part in a social movement to fight against human rights abuse.

Furthermore, the government is now afraid of their work and trying to take down the social movements and hack NGOs.  

While the government is arresting social movement leaders and NGO activists, people are still standing right with them. 

NGOs are getting support from other countries as well. Also, people from different countries are joining their online social movements to uphold human rights.


Social movements and NGOs are very much active in protecting human rights in the UAE. Now many people have joined their hands with NGOs and social campaigns that were not the case before.

In a nutshell, social movements and NGOs are impacting the citizens and the government of the UAE.

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