UAE National Day Essay Samples

UAE National Day Essay Samples

Every year on 2 December, UAE celebrates its National Essay Day.  This is a special day to commemorate the birth of UAE’s father of the nation – Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.   This is because he is the brain behind the UAE’s success within a few decades.  In spite of being an arid country, it is tasting great success.

It is only the dream of him that we can see UAE’s transformation into expensive infrastructure and massive development. So, let us check out how the country’s national day is celebrated in UAE through various activities including essay writing.

UAE National Day: Origin & Significance

As you know that UAE National day is celebrated every year on 2 December, to commemorate the birth of His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This day is celebrated in honor of him because it is under his leadership, UAE was founded in 1971. Thus, since 1971, every year on 2 December, UAE National Essay Day is celebrated with great pomp and show.

The significance of celebrating UAE National Essay Day is to celebrate the union of all the six emirates. On this day, the celebration theme is called ‘Spirit of Union’. The best thing to see in this biggest celebration is that UAE never forgot or detached its roots behind. UAE has always honored its culture in spite of being the centralized hub of world investment and business.

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How UAE Celebrates its National Day?

Every year UAE celebrates its National Essay Day by organizing various events. The citizens of UAE also participate actively in these events to tribute the great leader – His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. There are numerous activities that take place on this day including the Abu Dhabi Corniche Air Show, shopping fairs including selling of accessories, national theme day apparels, food, dhow boat racing, and exhibition of exotic cars. In this manner, the UAE represents the culture and tradition of its nation by displaying its culture & values, art & crafts, etc.

When you talk of UAE‘s culture, and values, royalty always comes in the foremost place. The Emirates have real blue blood, and they do everything in royal style. In the UAE, all Emirati people display a large flag at their home. The flag’s color and design represent the unity of six emirates.

On this special day, amazing sword dance forms like Ayyalah, Liwa, and Harbiya also takes place in the UAE’s heritage villages and malls. The sword dancers’ dance perfectly by tossing swords high on the air, and catches it swiftly in style. Moreover, peoples also go for an outing with the family to enjoy many things.

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49th UAE National Day 2020: About This Event

The event of UAE National Day 2020 is not complete without organizing an essay writing competition for the school students. It is a customary tradition to celebrate UAE National Day by organizing an essay writing competition. This year too, along with the other activities, the 49th UAE National Day Celebration Essay 2020 is on 2 December 2020. On this day, school students aged 5 to 16 writes an essay on the importance of unity among the Emirates. They write this essay either in English or in Arabic.


Therefore, the celebration of the UAE National Essay Day promotes the rich culture and tradition of the UAE. When the UAE citizens celebrate this festival, it helps them to boost their level of patriotism. Moreover, the love towards their homeland keeps on growing every time due to this celebration. In this manner, all Emiratis engage in creating a sound and stable society.

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