International Human Rights law Essay Sample

International Human Rights Law Essay, UAE

In this sample essay, we will discuss International human rights law.

IHRL(International human rights law) dictates the duties of Countries towards residents and other people inside their domain. The Law of Human rights cherishes the most crucial human ideals that each human has certain liberties, independence. Therefore, States can not violate human rights and protect them always. IHRL performs a vital role in preserving citizen rights. Besides, Human rights law establishes the rights of especially vulnerable peoples such as children or IDPs.

The United Nations General Assembly(UNGA) accepted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UHRD). This move strengthened the international human rights movement. The UDHR, since then, has been an officious human rights reference but finally authoritative international human rights law. 

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Human Rights Law Internationally

International human rights are categorized as follow:

Right of equality and dignity

 All humans are born independent and have equal dignity and rights for living. They are enriched with reasoning and brotherhood spirit. Nobody can alienate the rights of equality. Humans are different from other creatures and entitled to live freely and enjoy their lives with dignity.

The rights of equality forbid discrimination based on language, race, sex, wealth, political opinions, property, religion, nationality, or color.

Right to life, liberty, and security

In this law, other basic civil rights and political rights are configured. These include freedom from servitude, slavery, cruelty, torture, arbitrary punishment, degrading government treatment. Besides, it consisted of the rights to prefer a person over the law, an efficient judicial remedy, freedom of arbitrary detention, arrest, and axile.

Social, cultural and Economics rights

It gives the right for each civilian to be treated as a member of society. These rights are essential for human personality development and dignity. It includes the right to work, the social security right, leisure and rest rights, equal pay, education, standard of adequate living, and to enjoy the cultural community life. This law recognizes that every citizen is empowered by an international and social order in which freedoms and rights are fully realized. 

In the practice of freedoms and rights, everyone shall encounter only the limitations defined by law for the objective of securing self-respect and recognition for the freedoms and rights and meeting the necessities of public order, morality, and welfare in a democratic society. 


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Human rights in UAE

The UAE protects the personal liabilities and human rights in its federation, in theory. The UAE constitution provides participatory democratic law and basic liberties.

It protects basic human rights such as equality, personal liberty, freedom of fair trial, innocence, freedom from abuse, freedom of opinion, movements, free speech, religion, communication, religion, associations, counsel, trade, business, profession, occupation, and freedom from forced laboring and slavery. Besides, The constitution permits every civilian to open and run public office.

International human rights adopted or protected by UAE

Although, the UAE federation did not sign most international labor rights and human rights treaties such as the international convention of social, economic, and cultural rights, international convention of migration, and international convention of political and civil rights. The UAE does follow some international human rights laws:

  • Protecting the children rights
  • Upholding the rights of people with disadvantages
  • Promoting women rights
  • Preserving Labour rights
  • Protections for residential workers
  • Fighting human trafficking
  • Elevating human rights globally


International human rights law presents an essential core for ensuring the rights of humans. It embraces various sorts of reports, consisting of charters, treaties, convents, and conventions. Though, The UAE government has been accused of violating the human rights law several times. Hence, despite all the human rights laws and regulations on paper. There arises a solid question: Is the civilian in UAE safe?

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