Waste Management in UAE UAE

Waste Management in UAE

Proper waste management is very much essential in today’s society. It is because of the continuous increase in population wastage is getting doubled.

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What is waste management?

Waste management is basically a proper administration of waste by disposing and recycling it. You or government should apply waste management techniques keeping in mind environmental situation.

Increase in wastage also has an adverse and significant influence on people in society. For instance, people residing in slum areas are very close to waste. Therefore, there are high chances that people living in the slum area can get prone to deadly diseases. Proper sanitation and hygiene are very much essential for living a healthy life. Living a healthy life is possible through proper waste administration.

Waste statistics in UAE

According to the report published by Arabian business in 2017, UAE is the largest producers of waste in the Gulf region. The report also reveals that UAE has an estimated population of 9.2 million who have to produce waste of 29 million tons in one year. Only 20 per cent of waste has been recycled. As per the present studies, the total waste in the UAE is the amount to 4.892 million tons. There are approx.  77 per cent of the waste ending up in landfill sites.

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Techniques of waste management

There are a number of techniques which you can utilize for disposing of waste. For instance, composting, recycling, landfills etc. All three methods are helpful in disposing of waste without affecting the environment.


It is basically the most popular method. You don’t require any resources for recycling of waste. Recycling is basically re-utilization of which has become scrapped. It can also be referring to as conversion of waste into useful resources.


It is basically the most common technique of waste management. In this technique, waste is buried in the holes of grounds. After that, it is covered by a layer of mud. Garbage gets decomposed in the pits over the years.


It includes the conversion of organic waste into fertilizers. It is the waste management technique which assists in increasing fertility of the soil. Composting is also helpful in the growth of plants. It is the waste management technique which is benefiting the environment.

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Method of waste management in the UAE

Government and citizens of the UAE are taking combined efforts for minimizing waste in the nation. Efforts of waste management in the UAE include the conversion of waste into energy. It also involves treating wastewater and controlling the flow of harmful waste.

The quantity of waste has increased in the UAE with the rise in population and economic activities. The landfill is the technique which people can use for the administration of waste. A huge amount of waste people dump into municipal landfills where organic waste produces a large amount of methane and greenhouse gas. Presently, only a little amount of garbage people dump in landfills. In UAE mainly recycling technique is utilized for managing waste.

Domestic authorities in UAE is making a significant contribution to waste management. Conversion of garbage into energy is the techniques which the government and people in the UAE are utilizing for waste management. In addition to this, advance technology, waste separation and collection system government is using for ensuring effective waste management. The main motive of government in UAE is minimizing negative per capita environmental influence of cities. The government in the UAE is mainly concentrating on Quality, municipal and finding more new waste administration techniques. The government in the UAE has also established a state-of-the-art waste management centre to process and recycle garbage.  In 2012, the UAE government introduced two-stream waste collection and a new tipping fee structure to incentivize waste reduction and to regulate landfill contents

The UAE government, the company has developed a state-of-the-art waste management centre to process and recycle garbage.  In 2012, the government has also introduced two-stream waste collection and a new tipping fee structure to incentivize waste reduction and to regulate landfill contents.

Benefits of waste management

Waste management has a number of advantages. One of the biggest advantages is that it helps people in living a healthy life. Other benefits of  managing waste  are:

The decline in bad odour

Waste produces a lot of bad smell which has an adverse influence on the environment and also on the health of the human being. Due to the bad smell of garbage, human being especially children’s can get prone to the deadly disease. So proper administration of waste aids in the elimination of health-related issues caused due to garbage.

Reduction in pollution

The huge amount of waste can result in environmental degradation.

For example, waste from factories and household pollute rivers. Therefore, waste management is very much important. Effective waste administration is crucial for preventing pollution. It helps in increasing the hygienic condition in the city so that people can get a good environment to live in.

The decrease in the production of waste

Recycling of goods or services assists in minimizing waste. Recycling technique of waste administration assists in producing new goods which are again very much useful.

Waste management generates employment

The administration of waste system requires workers. The workers need their jobs such as collecting and disposing of waste. Hence, it assists in creating a job for jobless people.

Produces energy

There are a number of waste products which you can utilize for producing energy.

For example, few goods generate heat by burning. Furthermore, you can use a few organic products as fertilizers for increasing the fertility of the soil.

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