MSL522 Leadership and Communication Assignment Example UAE

MSL522 Leadership and Communication Assignment Sample UAE

The course MSL522  Leadership and Communication Assignment bestow one of the major skills in the students that take the organization to grow to the next level.

It describes how robust leadership and effective communication prove to bs fruitful for any establishment. As every business requires teamwork that has leadership and a good leader can make the task accomplished.

The course describes all such qualities that make a leader a power pack for any enterprise.

Moreover, the course also explains the professional qualities of a good leader and what role ethics, morals, and values play for leadership.

There are many communication styles and the course yet describes the best style that should be opted by a good leader. For accomplishing any task it requires an assertive communication approach and the course described the approach in total.

The course furnishes the skills in the students with the help of a practical approach to conduct assessments in form of presentations, discussions, assignments, answer writing, etc. Leadership and communication skills can lead the organization to obtain its desire goals.


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MSL522 Leadership and Communication Course Learning Outcomes

In the end, the students will learn the following outcomes:-

1.What are the qualities of a good leader that helps the organization to achieve the desired goal?

The course describes certain traits that should be present in a good leader and then only it work effectively. A good leader knows the importance of every individual member present in the team and comprehends the value of the task assigned.

To meet the organizational goals, the reader needs to have coordination with its team member because lack of coordination can lead to failure.

Yet, the course provides the way to be a promising leader that inspires its team members to work hard such as JO Morgan, Steve Jobs, etc. Ultimately, what happens is that the course gives a solution to meet the strategic organizational goals easily.

2.What role ethics, values, and morals exist in strategic leadership and communication? Explain with the help of a presentation or discussion held by the experts.

In this course, MSL522 Leadership and communication assignment talks about the functioning of ethics in the matter of leadership. As ethics in any professional work is a stepping stone to reach heights and uplift the skills of the person. It is an ideal behavior that creates a healthy working environment for the team and helps in attaining the organizational goals.

The course MSL522 Leadership and communication assignment educated the students about the role of values that persuade team members to work with passion.

The course involves the transparency attribute in the effective leadership and communication assignment for note productivity.

3. Discuss various styles of communication that a leader should have and elucidate the same with discussion during the course.

The course explains that what is an appropriate communication style that readers should possess for the organizational goals. A good leader should have kind and polite communicating skills and exhibit assertiveness.

The course deals with the consequence of aggressive communicating style and due to which a gap increases between employees and leadership.

The course portrays the real intention behind every such communication style and describes the empathetic attitude.


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4.What are the different approaches for an influential leader that accomplish every undertaking within time.

The course explains distinct approaches that a leader should adopt for a successful implementation of its function. In this course, MSL 522 Leadership and Communication assignment, the professional explains the significance of assertive communication approach that leads to ensure the objective of organizational goals.

The influential leader is the one who knows how to persuade the members and motivate them to work with unity. An assertive approach to communication can build healthy and prosperous relations between leader and employees that lead to the successful implementation of strategic ideas.

The course describes this approach thoroughly as regards s significance, consequence, lacunas, perks, etc. It also explains how such an approach creates a healthy work environment and ensures the growth of the organization.

5. A critical analysis about the persuading power in a leader that encourages the employees around it.

During the period of the course MSL522 Leadership and communication assignment, the students were equipped with the skills of influencing the team members to acquire the desired goals.

The course explains how the students should keep up their influential power and empower others to procure the work systematically. A positive attitude is the best skill one could have in its life to ensure the growth of itself as well as the organization.

As far as the course is concerned, it educates the students to stay positive, confident, empathetic, self-esteemed, etc, and able to obtain the goals of any enterprise such skills help in developing the core of the company and holds respectful attitude towards every member.

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