Impact of Flexibility in Operations Management Essay Sample

Impact of Flexibility in Operations Management Essay

In this sample essay, we will discuss the impact of flexibility in operations management.

Operation flexibility is an idea in operations management that refers, how an enterprise reacts to external factors like changes to demand or supply. Utilizing operation flexibility should decrease the expense of outside circumstances which affect a process. Assume you produce constant sales, but you choose to provide the goods following that requirement. You gear up Your interior structure and processes to reach the target.

Besides, These situations ask the issue of how prepared your company is to deal with those changes. Process elasticity may not equip you for each outside challenge you face, though it is about providing the wiggle room to return to those sorts of modifications as they happen.

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Flexibility in operations management

Flexibility in operation management is the capacity to tackle both predicted and unexpected changes by changing or adapting the affected sections of the business operations while preserving the essential form of the unimpacted parts. In other terms, flexibility is about what must stay identical in business operation and what should change. 

Flexibility reduces the ultimate expense of setting production resolutions in acknowledgment of fluctuations in the external conditions. Goods picture modifications influence the order for the company goods, while operational changes drop the production expenses. 

Types of Flexibility

There are various types of approaches to follow flexibility. These are as follows:

Flexibility by Design

Flexibility by Design includes alternative implementation tracks inside an operational prototype during designing, enabling the adoption of the most suitable execution route to take at run time.

This approach is beneficial for any operation that is useful in a dynamic situation wherever the movement of the business operation relies on real-time aspects.

Flexibility by Deviation

Flexibility by Divergence is the capacity for an operation situation to differ at the run time of the accomplishment route appointed by the primary method without changing its process design. The variation can solely include modifications to the execution chain of assignments in the procedure for a particular process instance. It does not authorize changes in the process model or the tasks that it comprises.

Underspecification Flexibility

Underspecification Flexibility is the sense to perform an inadequate operational pattern at the run time. The model does not carry ample information to enable it to complete execution. 


Change in operational management is the capability to change a method at runtime. One or all of the currently running method cases migrate to a new process standard. The model created at the design sequence is modified, and one or more situations must transfer from the old model to the new form.


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Impact of flexibility

In a complex and dynamic business environment, companies can not control environmental circumstances but can adapt to these changes by being flexible and controlling unexpected situations as much as possible. Flexibility depends on two elements: fast response and the amount of information available in an uncertain context. The results indicate the positive effects of operational flexibility on the performance of industrial companies in Jordan. More specifically, volume flexibility affects neither the operation nor the financial performance of industrial companies can explain the high cost of flexibility. So companies that seek to implement flexibility should consider the potential costs associated with implementing it. 

Besides, Mix flexibility has a positive effect on both operational and financial performance. New product flexibility positively affects the operational and financial performance of small and medium industrial companies in Jordan. Finally, operational flexibility is an essential factor for successful firms; however, it is not the magic key, just one of the mechanisms that companies can use to improve their performance.

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