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Leadership Challenges in Change Management Essay Sample

Leadership Challenges in Change Management Essay

In this essay, we will discuss the Leadership challenges in change management.

Finishing deadlines, crucial plans, and a priorities list make that challenging to accomplish the things that need to fulfill. Including diversity appends extra complexity layers to the mix. Today, So few corporations can withdraw high order organizational modifications to survive or grow as a company. 


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Whether the case, business saturation, a firm macro-economic conditions, the costs of living standard, competing resources, or solely the wish to enhance company results. The possible decisions continue to restructure the business, evolving relations among supply chain, marketing, sales, and other purposes. All those changes begin at the top and require a constant focus from the leadership of the organization.

Moreover, Change management means managing the changes that occurred during various circumstances.

Role of leadership in change management

Great leaders recognize the fact that their assistance is essential to progress and perform their role. The below are the parts leaders must perform during driving changes in your corporation.

  • Sponsor: A leader must remain attentive about the changes initiatives and bring the changes before their team.
  • Role Model: A leader must demonstrate the attitude of role model for their employees.
  • Make Decision: For change management, leaders must leverage their decision-making authority and choose the options, support the initiative.
  • Communicate: Leaders must convey their messages of change with transparency and consistency.
  • Engage: Leaders must engage with the employees to understand their needs and problems during change management.

Challenges in Change Management

The following are the key challenges that leaders face during change management:

Handle Resistance with Patience

A leader’s job is to recognize and handle resistance. Promote healthy activity on the problems the team is most worried about. Besides, provide the extra backward segments of the company with faith, as their confidence is usually deadly. You can take your business further with patience and creative guidance.


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Conflicts Managing

Whenever an issue or conflict appears and endangers you and interrupts your plan, a leader is required to walk in immediately. Whether the problem is with people or a portion of the method, leaders must be ready to discover answers. Acting excited to jump into the conflict instantly is the best quality of an effective leader in the development process.

Deal with setbacks

Maintain confidence high as you identify if the difficulty is a significant breakdown or can be manipulated or still used to some advantage. This confidence will reduce the impact of setbacks, and with high morale, it may also reduce the obstacle as the crew strikes in support.

Protect your team

Your company employees should accept out of the question that if all stand by the set strategy or process and any interdepartmental dispute occur, their leader will stand by them and will have their back.

Looking Ahead

Leaders must keep their sights forward. They should be the first ones to identify the iceberg even before the team. Besides, a leader will boost the confidence of business people. Leaders must encourage workers to analyze critically and quiz puzzles during the change process. 

Change management leadership challenges in the UAE:

Heading over organizational change is a critical challenge in UAE. The leadership team must prepare for transformation and develop policies to communicate, accommodate the structure, and help to protect the business throughout the change.

For example, UAE Emirates Airline defines the three main challenges they face during change management.

  1. Creating an autonomous fleet for airport operations that meets the mobility needs of airside operations.
  2. Finding an innovative way to teach the crew during the Covid outbreak.
  3. Accommodating the personalized needs of passengers during the entire journey.


The strategic executives of the company give importance to the uniqueness of their shareholders, particularly among their clients. They should produce more to supervise the business from the challenges and possibilities, see in the industry.

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