MGMT 621 Leadership & Organizational Behavior Assignment Solution UAEU

MGMT 621 Leadership & Organizational Behavior Assignment Solution UAEU, UAE

This assignment draft is a solution to the leadership and organizational behaviour assignment under the course MGMT 621.

This course discusses individual and group behaviour within organizations and its relation to the social and economic roles of modern organizations. The course covers contemporary issues related to individual and group motivation and performance, organizational culture, the role of leadership, power and politics in organizations, managing organizational change, organizational restructuring, and workforce diversity.

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MGMT621 Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to learn:

1. The Key Concepts, Theories, And Models Related To Human Behaviour In An Organizational System 

The fundamental concepts of organizational behavior are;

  • Individual Differences: The idea of the individual difference comes originally from psychology.
  • Perception: People’s perceptions are also different when they see an object. Two people can differently present the same object. And this is occurring for their experiences.
  • Motivational Behavior: Some motivations are necessary to enrich the quality of work. A path toward increased need fulfilment is the better way to enhance the quality of work.
  • The desire for Involvement: Every employee is actively seeking opportunities to work to involve in decision-making problems. They hunger for the chance to share what they know and to learn from the experience.
  • Human Dignity: This concept is very philosophical. Every person needs to be treated with dignity and respect, whether it’s the CEO of the company or labour.
  • Mutuality of Interest: Mutual interest is represented by the statement that organizations need people and people also need organizations.

2. The Decision-Making Process At The Individual And Group Levels

Individual Decision Making: It does not involve a group or even more than one person. Individual decision-making is quick and generally cost-effective because it does not require gathering others and scheduling a meeting or multiple meetings or sending a single email. Also, individuals tend to think and question before performing, which is fruitful in the analysis and forecasting of an individual’s behavior.

Group Decision Making

A group has the potential to collect more complete information, compared to an individual, while making decisions. An individual uses his intuition and views. Groups have many members, so their many views and many approaches result in better decision-making.

Moreover, a group discovers the hidden talent and core competencies of employees of an organization. However, an individual will not take into consideration every member’s interest, the group will take into account the interest of all members of an organization.

3.Various Theories And Models On Determinants Of Effective Leadership 

Effective leadership influence is not the same for everyone. It depends on their ranks in the organization and the abilities which are required in leaders. The three basic leadership roles were identified: initiation, speech, and management.

  • Initiation

Initiation refers to planned decision-making on policy formulation or structural change. These vital decisions are the determinants of the organization’s culture and mission.

  • Speech

Strategic decisions and methods designed for implementation within the establishment. It includes adjusting or adding on to the present structure towards new policy demands.

  • Management

Management is putting into practice the policies and measures that are available to maintain the operations of the organization efficiently.

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4.Explain The Structural And Personal Factors Influencing Conflict Within An Organizational System

Structural factors of conflicts at the workplace have various structural factors. These include specialization; common resources, goal differences, interdependence, and authority relationships.

  • Specialization: Employees tend to become specialists in a job or get a general knowledge of many tasks. If most employees in an organization are specialists, it can lead to conflicts because they have little knowledge of each other’s job responsibilities.
  • Common Resources: In many work situations, we must share resources. The scarcer the resource in the organization, the greater the chance for a conflict situation.
  • Goal Differences: Very often, the possibility of conflict increases substantially when departments in the organization have different or incompatible goals.
  • Interdependence: The possibility of conflict usually tends to increase with the level of task interdependence. When a person must depend on someone else to complete his/her task, it becomes easier to blame a co-worker when something goes wrong.
  • Authority Relationships: In many companies, there is an underlying tension between managers and employees because most people do not like being told what they must do.

5.Identify The Sources Of Organizational Power And Influence

Sources of power in an organization are:

  • Legitimate Power: Legitimate power is the power that a person in the organization holds because of his/her position and that is considered to be legitimate.
  • Expert Power: Expert power is that kind of power that an employee has due to the knowledge and expertise that he/she possesses. 
  • Coercive Power: Coercive power is the power that a person has which he/she uses to coerce or threaten other employees.
  • Referent Power: Referent power is the power that is a resultant of the personality of a person. 

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