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Decision Making Process Essay Sample

Decision-Making Process Essay, UAE

In this essay, we will discuss the decision-making process the businesses follow to make crucial decisions.

You operate a small company or are the head of a giant multinational corporation. The progress of the business relies on the decisions that you make and what wrong decision teaches you.


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Not every decision is as simple as walking down the road. One must look for all pros and cons while making big decisions for a business. 

Practical and prosperous choices earn profit to the business, and destroyed decisions create losses. Hence, the management decision-making method is the most crucial process in an institution.

The meaning of the Decision-making process is making decisions by recognizing a choice, accumulating data, and estimating alternative recommendations. 

Steps of Decision-Making Process

There are various steps to follow in the decision-making process. We will discuss seven crucial steps for the decision-making process:

Identify the purpose and the decision

Before making a decision, one must analyze the problem thoroughly. For that, define the following scenarios to identify the purpose of the decision:

  • Exact Problem
  • Worth for solving the problem
  • Affected peoples of the problem
  • The deadline of the problem solving

Relevant information gathering

After identifying a decision, collect the relevant data to the choice. Understand the measures linked to your judgment wherever your company has failed and succeeded. Additionally, ask for data from outside mediums such as investigations, business analysis, and reviews from paid experts.

Identify the Alternatives

As you gather data, recognize various potential routes of action or options. Besides, apply your creativity and further information to create different alternatives. Then record every feasible and profitable option.

Evidence weigh

Once classified various options, weigh the testimony against related alternatives. Comprehend something corporations have done previously to win and get a genuine firm view of your business successes and failures. Distinguish possible traps for your options, and balance those upon the probable rewards.

Select among alternatives

You are all set to choose the option that appears as the best. You can even select a mixture of alternatives. 

Take Action

After making a decision, it’s time to take action. State a plan to shape your choice solid and achievable. Form a design plan linked to your judgment, and later established the company to spend on their jobs once that strategy is in position.

Review your decision

A decided amount of period later, take an honest glimpse at your choice. Did you determine the dilemma? Did you resolve the issue? Did you explain the results? Did you reach your purposes?

Then, take a record of everything that worked for later evidence. Additionally, study your blunders while beginning the decision-making process again.


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Decision-Making tools or models

The decision-making models are: 

  1. Decision-Tree: The decision tree is crucial to weigh the evidence. The various branches show the possibility of profit and expected payout to yield which decision will return higher profits.
  2. Decision Matrix: A decision matrix is a different model to help you assess your alternatives and form more reliable decisions.
  3. Create a standard pros-and-cons table. Additionally, highlight if your choices assemble inevitable patterns or they model high risk.


One must regularly balance the negative and positive consequences before making the decision. Besides, always choose the positive results to make decisions.

That eliminates the potential damages to the company and retains the business operating with sustained growth. Often, delaying decision-making appears more comfortable, Whenever you occupy a dispute after arriving at the hard choice.

However, making the judgments and admitting its outcomes is the solitary approach to remain in charge of the corporate world.

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